Asbestos dreams meaning

By | May 27, 2019

Assassin dreams meaning

To dream of asbestos represents a past mistake in your life that you are very concerned about getting rid of. Feeling stupid that you felt something was a good idea. A sense that dealing with a problem is critical or paramount. Feeling that the removal of a troublesome mistake is a top priority and that nothing else should happen until it is. Feeling that if you don’t deal with a past problem things will only get worse.

Alternatively, asbestos may reflect the realization that you or someone else didn’t think clearly about what they were doing in the past that has created a current problem. Feeling a need to correct gross negligence.

To dream of worrying about asbestos may be a sign that you are worrying that your past negligence will harm your current chances of success. Fearing not being able to get rid of a stupid mistake.

To dream of asbestos removal represents correcting gross negligence or a choice you regret. Taking the time set a problem straight. It may also reflect proactive measures you are taking with something you believe is critical. Carefully dealing with a big mistake or bad idea


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