Apricots dreams meaning

By | May 27, 2019

Apricots dreams meaning

Dreaming of an apricot symbolizes the enjoyment of a situation that is not perfect.

It represents finding pleasure in the midst of challenges or difficulties, and appreciating the process of working towards something important to you.

This dream reflects your satisfaction in earning what you have and embracing the value of hard work.

It signifies a positive outlook on facing obstacles and finding fulfillment in overcoming them.

However, on the negative side, an apricot may represent the transition from occasional enjoyable indulgence to boredom.

It suggests losing interest or excitement in something once it becomes a permanent fixture in your life.

It may also indicate the temptation to settle for a happiness that is not as ideal as you desire, trading true fulfillment for a sense of security or convenience.

For example, a woman dreaming of her nose being itchy, picking her nose, and then seeing a giant apricot seed landing in her hand may reflect her conflicting feelings.

She may enjoy the prospect of transitioning into a more respectable and committed relationship through marriage, but also struggle with the idea of giving up one of her sexual partners permanently.

This dream highlights her mixed emotions about embracing monogamy as a long-term commitment.

In summary, dreaming of an apricot represents finding joy in imperfect situations and appreciating the challenges that come with them.

It warns against settling for mediocrity and reminds you to pursue true happiness rather than opting for temporary or unfulfilling solutions.


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