Appointment dreams meaning

By | May 28, 2019

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To dream of having an appointment represents event or important opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on. Designating time or telling yourself to be ready for something. Your expectation for a certain type of experience. Showing restraint until the time is right.

Alternatively, an appointment may reflect a deadline or last chance for something. A situation where you feel that there is a limited window of time.

To dream that you are going to an appointment suggests that you are finally getting to do something that you’ve been waiting for. It may also reflect patience or restraint that is paying off.

To dream of missing an appointment represents a lost opportunity or distractions. Losing your sense of priority. Not paying enough attention to details or signals.

To dream of a dentist appointment may represent designating time or expecting to do something that is in your best interest. An important opportunity to fix something that won’t feel good fixing.

To dream of a doctor’s appointment represents your expectation to fix a problem. An opportunity to solve a problem or heal yourself that you don’t want to miss. You may be designating personal time for yourself or your problems.


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