Apples dreams meaning

By | May 27, 2019

Apples dreams meaning

To dream of red apple represents a healthy influence or a need for positive change. It reflects an awareness of bad judgments or willingness to change a negative situation. Something isn’t right and you want to correct it.

An apple may be a sign that you are willing to admit that you were wrong or that you wish to improve yourself.

Negatively, a red apple may reflect feeling good about choices that make you feel better than other people. Risking embarrassing yourself by arrogantly thinking you are better than other people. Arrogantly enjoying power or opportunities that neglect people who helped you achieve your power. Ignoring sound advice to enjoy power. Choosing to abandon family or friends to achieve something you don’t deserve. Not respecting or valuing what you already have. Feeling you are too good to have to choose a more boring responsible choice. Preferring to enjoy showing off instead of being responsible.

To dream of green apples or granny smith apples represents good judgment, smart choices, or enjoying smart decisions that work in your favor. Enjoying non-arrogant choices. Enjoying being good at something that others wouldn’t want to work as hard to achieve as you would. Feeling good avoiding something dangerous.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing Eve take the forbidden apple from the tree of life, eat it, and then saw the world become violent. In waking life he had given his arrogant father advice about not abusing his executor power with other family members after his mother died. He witnessed his father choosing to ignore this advice and it resulted in very long legal battles, lots of money being wasted, and members of the family growing to hate each other. The apple in this case may have reflected his feelings about his father preferring to show off than listen to sound advice.


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