Apostate dreams meaning

By | May 28, 2019

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To dream of an apostate or apostasy represents feelings about an renunciation of loyalty. Feeling that you are turning your back on friends, family, or something that is considered important in your life. A loss of faith in people or lifestyles.

Positively, dreaming about an apostate may reflect feelings about yourself choosing to walk away from an empty life or empty relationship. Wanting more love or purpose for yourself. Choosing to walk away from people who want you to live a meaningless life. Losing faith or disowning people you can’t trust. Respecting yourself.

Negatively, apostasy in a dream may reflect anxiety you have about having turned your back on someone. Fearing consequences for having walked away from someone. Respecting yourself too much.

Example: A young man dreamed of someone calling him an apostate. In waking life he had turned his back on his father during a family fight because his father had lied to him. He was having anxiety about his father writing him out of the will because of his unwillingness to be loyal to him even when his father is dishonest.


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