Animal Skins dreams meaning

By | March 7, 2017

Animal Skins dreams meaning

To dream of animal skins represents feelings of confidence that you are in full control of a situation. Feeling good about problems being pathetic and totally managed. Feeling confident in your ability to use someone or repeat a humiliation whenever you want. Confident acceptance of yourself being bigger than someone else. Feelings of being an accomplished winner that can’t lose ever again. Enjoying yourself with total power to humiliate your enemies.

Feeling good that someone else is permanently embarrassed with no way to get back at you. Enjoyment of someone else being 100% powerless against you. Pride about bullies you humiliated.

Negatively, animal skins may reflect pride in overpowering and permanently humiliating innocent people. Enjoying yourself with someone else’s powerlessness or weakness.

Consider the animal for additional meaning.

Example: A woman dreamed of putting baby deer skins on her bed. In waking life she was considering totally humiliating her husband in divorce court with depraved pornographic pictures and axe photos with death threats he sent her which she had saved. The baby deer skins in this case my have reflected her confident feelings about how easy it would be to humiliate her husband in divorce court with the offensive photos for thinking she was just a powerless naive housewife. She had previously threatened him with releasing the photos to control him.


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