Ancient dreams meaning

By | May 28, 2019

Pole dreams meaning

To dream of an ancient theme, symbolizes your sense of foundation. You are well-grounded and are able to learn from your past. Feelings about yourself or others as having been involved with something for as long as you can remember. Feeling entitled due to tenure. A long history of involvement or behavior. A situations where you’ve “always been.” Feelings about yourself or others as having a level of importance that is impossible to ignore.

Negatively, ancient things in a dream may reflect an arrogant attitude about being permanently entitled. Feeling that because you always had something that you should never have to change even if it means robbing others of getting to be happy or feel powerful for the first time. Difficulty letting go of old habits or relationships. Difficulty doing new things. Feeling old.

Example: A teenage girl dreamed of being an ancient vampire and trying hard not to bite someone for the first time. In waking life she was trying to be a better daughter to her parents and not use them as much. The ancient vampire symbolism may have reflected her feelings about herself having “always been” an important member of the family who could easily use her parents to get things if she wanted to.


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