Anchor dreams meaning

By | May 28, 2019

Anchor dreams meaning

To dream of an anchor represents immovability or “staying put” on an issue. You’ve accepted your current status. Holding tight or an unwillingness to change. It may also reflect stability and security with a choice. Stability during uncertain times. Being steadfast or unwavering.

Alternatively, an anchor could represent a person or situation that is always dependable or stable.

Positively, an anchor may reflect an influence in your life that brings you steadfastness and strength. Fixed or unchanging beliefs. A firm loyalty.

Negatively, an anchor may reflect a stubborn attitude or an unwillingness to keep confronting a problem. It may also reflect a feelings of being stuck with a situation. Feeling held back by someone else that refuses to confront problems or move on. Feeling shackled to a relationship that isn’t working. Feeling tied to an emotional problem.

Example: A woman dreamed of wearing a silver necklace with an anchor charm. In waking life she had committed her life to staying by her sick relative’s side.


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