Anal Sex dreams meaning

By | May 28, 2019

Anal Sex dreams meaning

To dream of anal sex symbolizes the creation of problems or negative experiences. Life experiences that totally “screw you over”, and leave you with unresolved problems. It reflects choices that never lead to anything productive.

Anal sex in a dream is a sign that a situation is being made worse or that you feel you are getting “the shaft” from someone. Anal sex may also be a sign that you are giving in to bad habits.

To dream of anal rape symbolizes a sense of powerlessness to stop a problem from “screwing you over.” You may that problems are being made for you or that they are too big to overcome.

Example: A man dreamed of his father having anal sex with him. In real life he had a moral dilemma that poor choices were exacerbating. His father having anal sex with him reflected a bad conscience making the problem worse.

Example 2: A man dreamed of a demon anally raping another man. In real life this man was experiencing his business being totally destroyed and felt powerless to stop it. The demon rape reflected his perception of horrible and unfair it felt to witness his business going under.


8 thoughts on “Anal Sex dreams meaning

  1. Anonymous

    Dream seeing my spouse having anal sex with another woman and she was in pain but he enjoyed it

  2. Anonymous

    I had a dream I was giving my ex boyfriend anal sex and then it started to hurt him. As he was about the get up, the dick detached from and and almost got lost up his ass. I told him to just relax and I pulled it out.

  3. Anonymous

    I had a dream that my parents were sleeping while my husband was having anal sex with me and he was making sure they wouldn’t hear us. We were all on the same bed

  4. Gay dream

    Omg i just i had the most disturbing dream it was so vivid in my dream my ex husband was in my bedroom and he told me that he needed me to stay with him forever. then we were having sex with me from the back but vagina sex doggy style and I couldn’t feel anything while he was doing it beacuse in reality he has such a small penis i was like oh in my head noooo my god SS my current lover i call him SS who has a super huge black long & thick penis (in real life) i can’t give that dick up for this crappy dick I can’t feel anything with my ex husbands sex! that’s (why i left him in real life !) then all the sudden there were 2 more people in my room one is a skinny asian male and a female Asian and they were having sex in my room turned into a group thing we were watching them having sex while we were having sex! after we had sex … me i left room my ex husband jumped on the asian guy lap f****** that guy anal it was so disgusting coz he was so good at and i didnt know he was gay liking it in the fkn asshole but in my dream.i was encouraging him and saying to him go hard to go hard I hit it harder WTF then the asian girl is taking off her pants and ready have sex with my ex husband as well and i was in shock… then were all these disabled mental children in my bed room as well or trying to have an orgy.. and my dad in the meantime was screaming saying whats going on in my bedroom whats all that noise I told him they all friends of my ex husband hanging out in my room i WOKE UP!! oh my god after this dream I never want to have sex again. It was a real nightmare im so disgusted because the dream so extremely vivid like it actually happend. The guy I’m seeing an f’ing around with also works in disability services with down syndrome so not if sure has anything to do with him as his gone cold on me the last week & ! Half.


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