Algae dreams meaning

By | May 28, 2019

Algae dreams meaning

To dream of algae represents feelings of being unable to stop something in your life from growing or developing. Growth or progress being made that you find unpleasant. Something flourishing that you don’t like. Something that you find annoying or too time consuming to clean up after.

Negatively, algae may reflect problems in your life that are developing that you find easier to do nothing about. Allowing a problem to fester or overgrow.

Example: A woman dreamed of algae growing on a glass above a sink. In waking life she had allowed her husband to ejaculate in her during sex in the heat of the moment and was starting to have second thoughts about her potential pregnancy. The dream may have reflected her feelings of being unable to do anything about the insemination that was cultivating inside her body and her consideration of getting rid of the baby.



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