Air Conditioner dreams meaning

By | May 30, 2019

Air Conditioner dreams meaning

To dream of an air conditioner represents your attempt to keep calm, cool, or collected. Trying your best to not worry, keep relaxed, or prevent anger from erupting. Keeping a negative situation progressing as smoothly as you can. Trying hard to maintain composure.

To dream of an air conditioner not working represents your ability to keep calm or relaxed while under pressure than has been compromised. You’ve lost a helpful resource or tool to keep stress or negative feelings at bay.

Example: A man dreamed of feeling that it was important to run an air conditioner. In waking life he was considering killing himself and was trying his hardest to wait for something good to happen to make him change his mind. The air conditioner reflected his attempt to keep his mind off killing himself and maintain composure in his life.


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