Afro dreams meaning

By | May 29, 2019

Pole dreams meaning

To dream of an Afro hairstyle represents a thinking style that feels exceptional good in ways that are completely out of touch with current realities. Embarrassment that you or someone else is over-enthusiastic about old ideas that are not acceptable anymore.

Feeling stupid that you believed you could relive the past or repeat youthful behavior that is best suited for younger people. Enthusiastically repeating the past in ways that may look stupid to other people. Feelings about being too late with an enthusiastic attitude in a situation.

Alternatively, an Afro haircut may reflect feelings about yourself looking stupid if you feel good about subjects that other people have grown bored of discussing a long time ago. Feeling good thinking or talking about dead people in enthusiastic ways of whom other people might think is too concerned with inappropriately reliving the past.

Fearing someone with an Afro in a dream may be a sign that you fear speaking up to parents or older people about ideas they have that are embarrassingly outdated.

Example: A woman had a nightmare about seeing a faceless man with an Afro standing over her bed. In waking life she was pregnant with a baby by a man she hardly knew when she already had 2 children. The Afro in this case may have reflected her feeling about having a third child by a man she hardly knew being looked at
by all her friends and family as a stupid idea for her to be happy about since she older now and already had 2 children.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing an old friend and he had an Afro. In waking life this friend has died years ago and she felt stupid trying to feel good talking about him to friends because everyone had gotten over his death years ago and moved on.

The symbolism for this hairstyle is based on the common perception of large Afros being an outrageously humorous outdated hairstyle from the disco era.


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