Adult Sex Store dreams meaning

By | May 29, 2019

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To dream of an adult sex store represents feelings about considering making a choice that feels good for you, but may be seem inappropriate or childish to others. Uncomfortable feelings about enjoying too much freedom. Embarrassment that other people think are a total idiot who doesn’t take life seriously. Feeling that other people will think you are a “giant jerkoff” who wastes their time having fun.

Alternatively, an adult sex shop could reflect feelings about enjoying experimenting with your life in new and exciting ways that others might feels is risky.

Negatively, an adult sex shop may reflect feelings about choosing to give up on serious choices for your life to pursue happiness in ways others might find. Enjoying being a school dropout. Preferring to enjoy life as a simple person with no desire to conform to society’s norms. Feeling good pretending or orchestrating a giant lie that might have serious consequences for your future. Fear of yourself preferring to choose to enjoy wasting your life in ways others think is stupid or

Example: A young girl dreamed of going into an adult sex ship for the very first time in her life and seeing all kinds of sex toys. In waking life she was considering dropping out of college to experiment with becoming an yoga instructor and felt that all her friends and family might think it’s a childish idea to enjoy too much freedom when should should be preparing seriously for her future.


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  1. GummiSweets

    I just had a dream of going downtown with my friend. We were walking around shopping and we were walking around a theater, we come out and enter this really nice place, looked like a hotel room. Some guy comes up and walks away with my friend, she knew him and they were talking. I found out she was a prostitute, I guess the dude was a pimp cause he was in bed surrounded by women. And I walked around the room and walked into a sex shop. I found a vibrator I wanted but it hopped away so I chased it and got it back. I ran away from the place. After that I woke up.


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