Accountant dreams meaning

By | May 30, 2019


To dream of an accountant represents objectivity toward a situation that you feel needs to make sense. A serious examination of a situation to determine if it’s winning or losing. You or someone you know is carefully looking at the facts or making sure something make sense. Anxiety or serious concern about about a situation making sense from a standpoint of winning versus losing. Making sure all factors have been considered your attempt to maintain a sound situation.

Alternatively, an accountant in a dream may reflect your awareness of yourself trying to responsibly manage finances.

Negatively, dreaming about an accountant may reflect your awareness of financial problems that you are hiding from other people. Cleverly manipulating financial information to disguise or put off confronting your problems in the current moment.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his father being an accountant. In waking life he had made decisions to handle certain financial situations in his family life that were starting to become impossible for him to handle on his own as his business started to shrink. He was having a problem trying to figure out how to continue to handle those financial obligations and couldn’t figure out a way to tell his family about it so he could offload expenses


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