Silence Dreams Meaning

By | March 15, 2019

Silence Dreams MeaningSilence

Silence، To dream of silence represents feelings about accepting a situation the way it is without interference. No other people’s thoughts or agendas interfering with yours. Enjoying peace or stability in your life. Not feeling that anyone is arguing or disagree with you.

Negatively, silence may reflect feelings about accepting a dangerous situation as it is while being totally powerless to change it. Feeling alone, abandoned, or stranded in a situation. Feeling that nobody likes you. Feeling that problems or crisis is going to go unnoticed. Silent tension. You or others that are not communicating what they really feel. Apathy. Feelings you have about a secret you know about. A fear of asking for help or taking action.

To experience silence occur suddenly while first experiencing sound of some kind may reflect feelings about a dramatic negative change. An unexpected change. The emptiness of relationships or enjoyable situations suddenly ending. You or someone else is experiencing a dramatic reversal of behaviour without resistance. Unexpected failure or loss.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing a silent injection with a syringe into a man which killed the man. In waking life he was having difficult emotions about the slow destruction of the poor in society. He felt the poor were being harmed and that it was going unnoticed.

Example 2: A girl dreamed of experiencing herself remaining silent. In waking life she got into a big argument with her mother and was too uncomfortable to ask for her mothers help with homework

Example 3: A woman dreamed of seeing silent horses. In waking life she has a number of sexual fantasies she wanted to experience with her boyfriend, but was afraid to speak to him about them.

Example 4: A person dreamed staying silent. In waking life they were choosing to not get involved in a debate at work to avoid office politics.

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