Soul Dreams Meaning

By | March 13, 2019

Soul Dreams MeaningSoul

Soul، To dream of a soul represents feelings about the permanent nature of the personality or character traits. Who you really are. Feeling like a whole person. Feeling like a good person.

To dream of lacking a soul or losing your soul may reflect feelings of emptiness. Not feeling like a whole person. Feelings about yourself others “selling out.” Feeling permanently unforgivable. Feeling that you have permanently lost all respectability as a person or professional. Feeling that you lack creativity. Feeling that someone else owns you. Feeling unloved or that you aren’t special. Feeling that you are a bad person.

Positively, souls in a dream may reflect feelings about natural love, the true honest character of a person, or natural talent.

Negatively, dreaming about souls may reflect feelings about bad things you or someone else has done being a permanently unforgivable. A bad reputation or act of selfishness that can never be overlooked. Guilt about something you feel is permanent.

Alternatively, dreaming about souls may reflect issues with your spirituality. Anxiety about your spiritual status with God or how deserving you are ti go to heaven.

To dream of running away from evil souls may reflect issues with avoiding situations where you feel you can never be forgiven every again. Avoiding bad people in your life that you feel are hopelessly negative. Avoiding being drawn back into negativity from your past. Telling yourself “that is not who I am anymore.” Fearing confronting your negative past or guilt.

To dream of a soul being corrupted or turned evil may reflect feelings about yourself or other people choosing immorality. Corrupting bad influences.

To dream of seeing a soul leave a body may reflect feelings about having completed your purpose in a situation. Feeling that there is nothing left for you to do in a situation as your goals have been completed. Feeling perfectly happy with your achievements and wishing to move on.

Negatively, it may reflect guilt, shame, or fear at witnessing corruption. Experiencing yourself or someone else choosing to be corrupt or immoral. Permanently jealousy or emptiness.

To dream of saving someone else’s soul may reflect feelings sacrifices you are making for someone else. Making difficult choices for someone else’s best interest. Being a protector and mentor to someone. Savings others from their own negative or careless behavior.

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4 thoughts on “Soul Dreams Meaning

  1. Vandana

    I was sleeping around 7:25pm and i saw my soul got apart from my body and i m running from that guy.. It continued for around 35-40 mins..
    Then I saw my body is lying on my bed and i went to living room tapping my moms leg n saying. ” pls wake me up or else something bad will happen to me n so on..” I saw watch time was 8:06 or saw.. The my door bell rings and i was lying on floor and saw my dad s leg n suddenly i was again in my body in the poistion where i got apart…
    Full of sweat.. Heart beat was damn high..
    This soul things is now happening again n again..
    I really dont know where to go what to do.

  2. Ajit Singh

    I saw a dream in which my Grandfather was surrounded by a bad soul and that soul continuously pressurising him in a negative way by shouting and my Grandfather was really got tensed and people were there, but none was able to see from where the voice was coming only my Grandfather was hurted after watching all this I dared asked that soul if you have guts (by taking the name of GOD) then come into me as It was the quick decision I can take to protect my Grandfather. Firstly bad soul replied to me that don’t come in between and as I challenged that soul again it entered into me from my backside and as soon it entered I just got a big shock and woke up instantly. I was little bit afraid after that because that bad soul was powerful. I shouted a lot and checked the time….it was 00:55 AM then today I feel that soul is not at all powerful than my Faith of God.

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