Land dreams meaning

Land To dream of land while in water represents safe harbor, certainty, or stability. It may also reflect safety from emotional turmoil or a desire to feel grounded.  

Landing dreams meaning

Landing To dream of an aircraft landing represents to ending of a project or plan. Something in your life that has “taken off” or started has now finished up. The completion of a journey or task. Alternatively, a landing may reflect stability that has been restored to a situation that got out of control.  

Landlord dreams meaning

Landlord To dream of a landlord represents feelings of control or stability that come at a price. Positively, a landlord may reflect feelings that someone is obligated to you because you’ve kept your part of an agreement. Negatively, a landlord may reflect feelings of restriction, neglect, or control by someone that has leverage over you.… Read More »

Landmines dreams meaning

Landmines To dream of landmines represents a fear of making mistakes, stepping out of line, or touching on sensitive issues. Landmines may reflect people or situations that have to be carefully addressed or avoided.  

Landslide dreams meaning

Landslide To dream of a landslide represents unexpected problems in your life that feel overwhelming to clean up. Big oversights that need to be addressed. It may also reflect emotional buildup or conflict that is finally coming to the surface after being overlooked. Having to deal with a problem that you’ve never thought of as… Read More »

Lane dreams meaning

Lane To dream of a lane of a road represents your direction in life while dealing with other issues or other people doing the same thing as you. Changing lanes may reflect a change of attitude or thinking style. It may also reflect your wish to copy or follow someone else’s methods of doing something.… Read More »

Lantern dreams meaning

Lantern To dream of a lantern represents a comfortable or confident attitude as you get through a difficult moment. Knowing exactly what needs to be done to safely get through a bad time. Feeling good knowing everything is going to be okay. A troubling moment that isn’t a problem. Knowledge or experience that makes you… Read More »

Lap Dance dreams meaning

Lap Dance To dream of a lap dance represents teasing or tantalizing yourself with desire for your goals. You may be doing something to get close to a goal that you know you can’t ever achieve. It may also reflect sexual attraction for someone that you are spending time with while knowing it can’t ever… Read More »

Laptop dreams meaning

Laptop To dream of a laptop computer represents awareness of a thinking style that looks better or is more sophisticated than average. A higher level of interest in how you are thinking. You may be more motivated or excited to explore yourself or improve yourself. Whereas a regular computer reflects a general awareness of what… Read More »

Las Vegas dreams meaning

Las Vegas To dream of Las Vegas represents social interaction with others that is focused on risk taking or “gambling” with life situations. A constant sense of “Risking it all” or taking a big chance with friends, family, or people you interact with regularly. Negatively, Las Vegas may be a sign that you are no… Read More »

Lasagna dreams meaning

Lasagna To dream of lasagna represents situations with warmth, comfort, and feeling good being unconditionally socially accepted. Enjoying social situations with friends or family with a long history. Enjoying the warmth of the many “layers” of an old relationship. Feeling good noticing nothing is crazy because two people have a long history and care about… Read More »

Laser Printer dreams meaning

Laser Printer To dream of a laser printer represents communicating or expressing what you are thinking with absolute clarity. Perfect articulation. Alternatively, a laser printer may symbolize the realization of plans in a careful or meticulous manner.