Parking Ticket dreams meaning

Parking Ticket To dream of a parking ticket represents consequences for inaction or your unwillingness to change. You may also feel judged or punished for choices you’ve made or for the path you want to take. A parking ticket may also reflect setbacks in your life.  

Parrots dreams meaning

Parrots To dream of a parrot represents feelings about being more experienced at being exceptional than other people while noticing never wanting to listen to their feelings. Often a symbol for repeating what you’ve heard to others. Repeating expert advice. Behavior that accepts itself listening to whatever it’s told without thinking about it. Empty headed… Read More »

Parsley dreams meaning

Parsley To dream of parsley represents giving someone or something the benefit of the doubt. Feeling better ignoring someone else’s problems. Feeling good choosing to not notice someone else’s negativity.  

Parsnip dreams meaning

Parsnip To dream of parsnip represents situations in your life that don’t feel good, but are in your best interest to pay attention to. Listening to advice or ideas that don’t feel good, but are beneficial to heed to. Showing respect only because it’s in your best interest. Putting up with a problem because it’s… Read More »

Partner dreams meaning

Partner To dream of having a business partner represents a sense of working together. A person or situation that you are experiencing inter-dependency with as you try to achieve something. Affiliation or mutual goals. To dream of seeing your romantic  leave you reflects feelings of inadequacy or insecurity about the strength of your relationship. Alternatively,… Read More »

Party dreams meaning

Party To dream of a party represents festivity or behaving noticeably carefree with others. Being noticed by others as never having to care about problems at all. Feeling stimulated from recognition you are getting. Celebrating your success. Social interaction or having a good time with friends. An outgoing, friendly, or enthusiastic mood. Feeling good being… Read More »

Passageway dreams meaning

Passageway To dream of  represents a transition, situation, or challenge that you must experience in order to do something else you want. It may also reflect a necessary change, test, or compromise in order to get what you want. To dream of a secret represents hidden opportunities. Feeling that someone has been keeping something from… Read More »

Passengers dreams meaning

Passengers To dream of a passenger represents an aspect of your self that is being carried along with circumstances. It may also reflect secondary factors or problems that are occurring in a situation. Other things that are happening while you are doing something. To dream of being a passenger may reflect how you are being… Read More »

Passport dreams meaning

Passport To dream of a passport represents your ability to traverse through different situations. The ability to do something completely different if you want to. What you feel you are allowed to do as a person. To dream of missing your passport represents feelings of missing something crucial in your life in order to experience… Read More »

Password dreams meaning

Password To dream of a password represents the only solution to a problem. It may also symbolize the only answer known to be right. Feelings of being locked out or excluded. Feelings about needing establish security. Social safety nets or gestures that require people to prove themselves to be close to you. Special conditions that… Read More »

Password Cracker dreams meaning

Password Cracker To dream of a password cracker represents situations where everything possible is being done to embarrass or defy someone. You or someone else may be unwilling to take no for an answer or are highly motivated to find a solution to a very rigid problem. To dream of a password cracker that fails… Read More »

Past dreams meaning

Past To dream of being in  may reflect how you are doing things you never got to do. A reflection of your speaking to people about the past or researching . Noticing or talking to people about what life was like when you weren’t around. Looking at old photos, discussing family history, or nostalgia. Alternatively,… Read More »