Radio dreams meaning

Radio To dream that you are listening to the radio represents one sided communication. You may be listening to someone that doesn’t listen to you. It may also reflect constant orders or instructions that you can’t discuss or debate. Situation or agenda that you have no control over. A one way flow of ideas. Hearing… Read More »

Raft dreams meaning

Raft To dream of a raft represents a makeshift attempt to confront a negative or uncertain situation. Doing whatever you can with available resources to get through a problem.  

Rage dreams meaning

Rage To dream of rage may represent the expression of frustrations, anger, or disappointment. You or someone else that is “letting it all out” on someone.  

Railing dreams meaning

Railing To dream of a railing represents feelings of support and assistance. Knowing that you won’t lose or be embarrassed. Comfort in knowing that you are cared about or safe. To dream of a broken may reflect feelings of a reduced sense of waking support. Example: A man dreamed of standing on a second floor… Read More »

Rain dreams meaning

Rain To dream of rain represents sadness, disappointment, difficulties, or depression. It may also reflect despair. Feelings about some area of your life being ruined or your happiness “rained on.” Experiencing an unwanted change or that you are being swept along with by a problem. Grieving. A bad mood or feeling that something is going… Read More »

Rainboots dreams meaning

Rainboots To dream of rainboots represents preparation and focus on dealing with uncertainty or negativity all the time. Preoccupation with never allowing bad times get to you. Being completely ready to be “knee deep” in a crappy situation. An approach to a situation where you are never allowing any problems to get to you.  

Rainbow dreams meaning

Rainbow To dream of a rainbow represents harmonization. There are psychological, emotional, or situational corrections occurring. A symbol that can have both positive or negative consequences depending on the state of your mind and your life. Positively you may experience new confidence or find justice in some area of your life. Negatively, you may experience… Read More »

Raincoat dreams meaning

Raincoat To dream of a raincoat represents your personality you face and attempt to shield yourself from difficulty, disappointment, sadness, or depression. You are finding the resources necessary to do what you need to do or to get through a difficult situation. A yellow raincoat symbolizes self-awareness as you protect yourself in the face adversity.… Read More »

Raisins dreams meaning

Raisins To dream of raisins represents feeling better than something is depleted or older than before. Enjoying not having to be better than anyone else while noticing that something is used up. Feeling better that something wasted all it’s time being fully noticed for what it was to make it easier for you. Problems or… Read More »

Rake dreams meaning

Rake To dream of using a rake represents repetitive thoughts about a problem you want to fix. Doing the same thing over and over to fix a problem. To dream of raking mud or grass that turns into mud may represent a problem that you keep doing everything to fix and it never works. The… Read More »

Ramp dreams meaning

Ramp To dream of a ramp represents feelings about a transition or progress that is smooth. Not having to increase or decrease in stages. No need for “one step at a time” situations. Feeling that progress is quick and doesn’t require waiting for the next stage. Feelings about a method to make progress easily being… Read More »

Rams dreams meaning

Rams To dream of rams represents feelings about yourself or someone else that doesn’t fear an argument. Feeling that fighting, disagreements, or arguments are inevitable. A competitor that will “butt heads” if needed. No fear of challenging others with as much effort as possible. A stubborn attitude that refuses to accept change. A stubborn enemy.… Read More »