Pole Dancing dreams meaning

Pole Dancing To dream of pole dancing represents you or someone else that is flaunting desirability or self-worth. Feeling good noticing ones own abilities or talents. Teasing or showing off to others how attractive, wanted, or important you are. It may also reflect bragging about abilities or self-worth. It may also be a sign that… Read More »

Pole Vaulting dreams meaning

Pole Vaulting To dream of Pole Vaulting represents feelings about the challenge or importance of a hurdle by doing whatever it takes. Feelings about the challenge of a hurdle being so big you have to do whatever it takes to get over it. Large hurdles that need perfect timing and “giving it your all.” Large… Read More »

Police dreams meaning

Police To dream of police officers represents discipline, intervention, and enforcement of behavior. Rules or structure. Feelings about changes being forced on you or others. A need to restore sanity, rationality, or justice to a situation. A need for fairness, order, or following the rules to be respected. Feelings of being in trouble for not… Read More »

Police Car dreams meaning

Police Car To dream of police cars represents disciplinary decision making. A path in life where you or someone else is forcing change. Example: A young man dreamed of running away from a police car. In real life he had a drug problem that he was having a hard time giving up. The police car… Read More »

Police Dogs dreams meaning

Police Dogs To dream of a police dog represents feelings about suspicion that wants to notice or feel out every single last thing about you to enforce behavior. Feelings that displinary action has methods to find something it thinks you are hiding. Enforcement or disciplinary action that isn’t listening to why it should let you… Read More »

Police Report dreams meaning

Police Report To dream of filing may represent feelings about wanting to take action with a problem. Feeling that something is dangerous and want to do something about it. To dream of having problems properly filing  may be a sign that you feel unable to initiate positive change. You may also feel stupid for having… Read More »

Police Van dreams meaning

Police Van To dream of a police van may represent a larger degree of discipline or control of a situation that is needed than is normal for you. Having to control or delay a large or intricate problem. Alternatively, it may reflect feelings about a large scale “round up” or controlling action by an authority… Read More »

Polished dreams meaning

Polished To dreaming of something represents feelings about some area of your life that is perfectly respectably noticing nothing is wrong with it. Work, decisions or some area of your life that you feel is finished. Proud of something finished in your life. Concerns with being perfectly clean, orderly, or prepared. A finished prepared “shining”… Read More »

Politician dreams meaning

Politician To dream of a politician represents behavior that is preoccupied with leading while keeping other people happy. Qualities of leadership and popularity combined. Alternatively, a politician in a dream may reflect a dominant role you feel you have or that someone has over you. A feeling or recurring theme you feel you life is… Read More »

Polka Dots dreams meaning

Polka Dots To dream of polka dots represents routine and monotony. A situation or thinking pattern that keeps repeating itself. Something that you are noticing happening all the time. Negatively, polka dots may represent a problem that you have to care about all the time. It may also represent a negative thinking pattern or bad… Read More »

Poltergeist dreams meaning

Poltergeist To dream of a poltergeist represents issues from your past that scare you that you can’t stop thinking of them affecting your present life. Issues from your past causing havoc on the present to the point of feeling that it will never let you feel good again.Feelings about unresolved issues from your past that… Read More »

Polygamy dreams meaning

Polygamy To dream of polygamy may be a sign that you don’t feel as important as someone else in relationship or commitment. Giving your all to someone who doesn’t feel that giving their all to you is necessary. A sign that you need to demand more respect or start setting boundaries. If you are the… Read More »