People dreams meaning

People To dream of any person that you know or recognize represents a quality in yourself or an aspect of personality based on your most honest feelings, or memories of that person. People in dreams are personal symbols that are unique to all people as not everyone is going to have the same opinion about… Read More »

Peppermint dreams meaning

Peppermint To dream of peppermint represents an aspect of your personality that feels “positiver” than before. It may reflect feelings of new superiority or an awareness that something has improved. Situations that allow to know something is better than it used to be. To dream  candy represents pleasant feelings about oneself being “positiver.” You feel… Read More »

Performance dreams meaning

Performance To dream of a dramatic performance represents feelings about having to impress people with a believable or convincing public display. Impressing people as the centre of attention. Making a believable announcement. Acting, pretending, a display of professionalism, or intentionally projecting yourself believably in a way that is not really who you are. Feeling that… Read More »

Perfume dreams meaning

Perfume To dream of perfume represents your wish to make someone else feel good about your actions, ideas, or behavior. You may be saying something to someone that you want liking you. Wanting someone feeling good about you. To dream of bad smelling perfume may represent something you or someone else is doing to be… Read More »

Periodic Table dreams meaning

Periodic Table To dream of the periodic table represents feelings about yourself or someone else being an expert at manipulating people or situations in order to get desired reactions. Awareness of all the options available to you in order to manipulate a desired reaction in a situation. Fact: The Periodic Table Of Elements was invented… Read More »

Permanent Markers dreams meaning

Permanent Markers To dream of permanent markers represents situations or choices that difficult to change. A choice or situation may be final once made. It may also reflect your perception of a situation being permanent.  

Permission Slip dreams meaning

Permission Slip To dream of a permission slip represents beliefs you have about not being able to do what you want. If someone has to sign it then it means that you’re feeling that someone else has the power to stop you from doing what you want. Religious people may dream of a  to reflect… Read More »

Persecution dreams meaning

Persecution To dream of persecution represents your feelings of being unwelcome or singled out. You may feel that people never want to care about you again because of your different beliefs or opinions. Feelings about being abused or picked on without any way to rationally or reasonably defend yourself. Feeling that you have no choice… Read More »

Personal Space dreams meaning

Personal Space To dream about your personal space being invaded represents feelings about being inappropriately bothered or spoken to. Feeling a lack of privacy. Embarrassed or annoyed that you need to discuss something you’re uncomfortable discussing. Feeling that someone has stepped over the line of personal boundaries. The dream may be a sign that you… Read More »

Pet Food dreams meaning

Pet Food To see or buy pet food in a dream reflects an aspect of your personality that is being encouraged or “fed.” A behavior that benefits you is increasing. Negatively, it may point to an emotional issue that is being exacerbated.  

Pew dreams meaning

Pew To dream of a church pew represents your openness or receptivity to important advice or answers to difficult life issues. Positively, a pew may represent your readiness to listen to important advice. Feeling good knowing you’re a good person. Negatively, a pew may reflect fear of being lectured or told that you are no… Read More »

Peter Pan dreams meaning

Peter Pan To dream of Peter Pan may reflect feelings about yourself or others that are showing off in a role where losing never happens. Feelings about enjoying acting roles. Feelings about how wonderful it feels to never lose no matter what. Issues with sharing or losing when showing off is important. Deluded beliefs about… Read More »