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The letter W in a dream represents imbalance. People or situation that are out of control or unstable. Having to be respectable when other people aren’t. Situations that persistently never stay the same. Having to be serious all the time about the potential for a situation to become dangerous.

W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet and in numerology 23 represents conflict with creation. This means that you are negatively conflicted with a situation of your making.

White Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of White Interpretaion

White To dream of the color white represents feelings about something in your life being perfect, pure, or genuine. Positively, white may reflect feelings about perfect ideas, cleansing, good intentions, or the purification of negativity in your life. Feelings about people or situations being perfectly honest. Feeling a total lack of jealousy. It may also… Read More »

White People Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of White People Interpretaion

White People To dream of white people represents aspects of your personality that are advantaged or have it easy. Being jealous of nothing at all. Habits, situations, or problems that can’t lose or easily overcome anything with less power. Something about yourself or that you are experiencing that is impossible to lose with. Positively, white… Read More »

White Trash Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of White Trash Interpretaion

White Trash To dream of people you feel are white trash may reflect feelings about yourself or others as being low class, cheap, or unconcerned with low quality behavior. A lack of concern for some area of your life staying unattractive. An area of your life where you feel other people prefer to behave without… Read More »

Wicker Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wicker Interpretaion

Wicker To dream of wicker represents situations that only feel good being noticed working. Looking good qualifying. Negatively, wicker may reflect feelings about using access or resources you don’t really think are a good idea to only look good convincing someone. Preoccupation with nice appearances that in reality are weak. Sensitivity about looking good and… Read More »

Widow Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Widow Interpretaion

Widow To dream of seeing or being a widow represents feelings about a permanent loss or change. You are spending a lot of time noticing that something you grew accustom to is now gone. You may also have a sense of preservation or appreciation for what you still have left. Loneliness, neglect, or sadness. You… Read More »

Wife Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wife Interpretaion

Wife To dream of your current wife represents an aspect of your personality or area of your life that feels permanent. A situation that is always there when needed. Thinking or doing something all the time. A habit or situation that you notice yourself with all the time. Negatively, dreaming of your wife may represent… Read More »

Wife Swapping Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wife Swapping Interpretaion

Wife Swapping To dream of wife swapping represents the easy interchanging of a serious idea, situation, or promise. Negatively, it may reflect reversing commitments too easily. A sign that your sense of loyalty or commitment is weak. Alternatively, wife swapping may reflect romantic interests that are too easily interchanged.

Wiggers Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wiggers Interpretaion

Wiggers To dream of a wigger represents feelings about enjoying showing off being arrogant. Showing off lke it’s a lifestyle. Enjoying showing off being biggest, stronger, mean, or intentionally arrogant to weakness. Insensitivity to anything that isn’t showing off first. Ignoring anything that doesn’t allow you to show off looking strong. Overt ignorance that prefers… Read More »

Wigs Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wigs Interpretaion

Wigs To dream of a wig or a toupee represents feelings about dishonestly projecting an appearance or image to others. Awareness of yourself projecting an appearance or personality that is not your own. A thinking style that is fake. Wigs point to thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and opinions that are not your own which you are… Read More »

Wildebeests Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wildebeests Interpretaion

Wildebeests To dream of a wildebeest represents an aspect of your personality that is inhospitable or unwelcoming. A person that is aware of you and wants you to go away. A wildebeest may reflect bitterness, hostile jealousy, or resenting someone. Example: A person once dreamed of a wildebeest. In real life a friend of the… Read More »

Wind Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wind Interpretaion

Wind To dream of wind represents unsettled emotions or situations. Feeling that a situation is not easy enough to simply breeze through it. The instability of change. Strong winds may reflect the stress or anxiety of unpleasant changes. Feeling that too much is going on. A turbulent adjustment to something unpleasant. Facing pressure to stop… Read More »