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The letter W in a dream represents imbalance. People or situation that are out of control or unstable. Having to be respectable when other people aren’t. Situations that persistently never stay the same. Having to be serious all the time about the potential for a situation to become dangerous.

W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet and in numerology 23 represents conflict with creation. This means that you are negatively conflicted with a situation of your making.

Vest Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Vest Interpretaion

Vest To dream of a vest represents a serious attitude about something that is important to you. You or someone else that is “all business”, not-kidding, or very focused on seeing results. It may also reflect a problem or conflict that has been made “personal.” Alternatively, a vest may reflect how you are showing others… Read More »

Wheat Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wheat Interpretaion

Wheat To dream of wheat represents hard work you are enduring to keep a situation going. Achievement that is gained without any luck. Negatively, wheat in a dream may reflect exhaustion. A lot of hard work involved in a situation you are experiencing. You may have money problems, and find yourself struggling to make ends… Read More »

Wheelchair Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wheelchair Interpretaion

Wheelchair To dream of a wheelchair represents emotional or psychological dependency. Something you think you need or feel you can’t function without. A situation may have left you feeling lost, powerless, or impotent. Something in your life that you may feel helpless or depressed without. It may also reflect something you have difficulty letting go… Read More »

Wheels Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Wheels Interpretaion

Wheels To dream of wheels represents feelings about a situation in your life being easier, smoother, or less disrupted than usual. To dream of broken wheels may reflect feelings about having lost a sense of easiness in your life. Progress is not as smooth. Confidence is hurt or lowered.

Whip Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Whip Interpretaion

Whip To dream of a whip represents the exercising of control or power. Showing someone or something “who’s the boss.” Keeping someone or something inline. Ensuring discipline and obedience. To be hit by a whip may reflect your feelings about being controlled, an abusive situation, or being punished. Example: A young girl dreamed of seeing… Read More »

Whiplash Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Whiplash Interpretaion

Whiplash To dream of whiplash represents your attempt to deal with the consequences of an unexpected conflict or problem. Disbelief that a person or situation is as difficult or terrible as you’ve discovered them to be. Recovering from your dashed hopes or expectations. A new problem in your life resulting from being caught off guard.

Whipped Cream Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Whipped Cream Interpretaion

Whipped Cream To dream of whipped cream represents a situation in waking life that is so wonderfully perfect or has nothing wrong it at all. A perfect solution or perfect answer. A perfect outcome. Negatively, whipped cream may reflect an excessive or delusional amount of enthusiasm for something you have little experience with at all.… Read More »

Whirlpool Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Whirlpool Interpretaion

Whirlpool To dream of a whirlpool represents problems or uncertain situations that you feel powerless to stop yourself from being “sucked into.” Feelings about problems or consequences being inescapable. The potential for problems to endlessly repeat until you experience total failure or embarrassment. Concerns about being sucked into other people’s problems. Fears about being pulled… Read More »

Whiskey Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Whiskey Interpretaion

Whiskey To dream of whiskey represents feelings of acceptance of a situation you are experiencing being out of your control. Trying to relax during a chaotic or unpredictable situation. Behavior you use to calm yourself during a very dangerous moment. Accepting the very hard truth as means of dealing with a serious problem. Having to… Read More »

Whispering Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Whispering Interpretaion

Whispering To dream of whispering something represents feelings about wanting to keep something private or secret. Not wanting other people who find out about discussions you are having. Feeling that it’s inappropriate to speak about something too obviously. Fear of other people finding out what you are really thinking or really planning. Concerns about loud… Read More »

Whistles Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Whistles Interpretaion

Whistles To dream of a whistle represents a timeout or pause. A decision to take a break or stop certain behavior. Telling yourself or someone else when enough is enough. Example: One person dreamed of seeing a red whistle being thrown away while a white whistle was putting put around their neck. In waking life… Read More »