Visa Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Visa Interpretaion

By | July 19, 2016


To dream of a travel visa represents feelings about needing permission to change your mindset. Feelings about needing to be officially accepted by someone in order to change your life or do something different you don’t normally do. Changing social groups, lifestyle, or employment that requires some kind of official acceptance. Feelings about people who are more powerful, popular, or important than you needing to accept you first before a change occurs. The freedom to change or life different that requires acceptance before it can occur. It may also reflect feelings about requiring someone to do you a favor before you can proceed with your goals.

To dream of not being able to get a travel visa represents feelings of being denied social acceptance that is required to experience a different type of situation. Feeling that someone will not accept you or give you permission to change. Feeling that someone will not do you a favor that’s required to enjoy a new kind of experience.

Negatively, a visa may reflect too much dependence on needing others permission or acceptance.


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    I had a dream I went for an interview And without stress I was asked to come get my visa the next day and was given the receipt .what does it mean and I have an interview soon

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