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Lipstick dreams meaning

Lipstick To dream of lipstick represents an aspect of your personality that feels superior or more deserving than others. Wanting to outdo or outperform others you feel are less important. Being “positiver” than someone else. It may be a sign that you or someone believes that they are smarter, stronger, richer, or better than someone… Read More »

Liquid dreams meaning

Liquid To dream of liquid represents some area of your life never having to stay the same, easy adaptability to change, or the “fluid nature” or a situation. Liquid could also reflect sociability or the “fluid” nature of social interaction. Example: A man dreamed of seeing orange get spit onto someone. In waking life he… Read More »

Liquor dreams meaning

Liquor To dream of hard liquor represents situations in your life where you are enjoying yourself with strong power, danger, or the potential to go overboard. It may also mean that you are enjoying risk taking or taking something to the extreme. Negatively, hard liquor may be a sign that there is the potential to… Read More »

List dreams meaning

List To dream of reading a list represents feelings about an area of your life where everything is important to notice at least once. Feelings about being responsible about not overlooking anything or leaving anything behind. Feelings about needing to remember a large number of things. Negatively, dreaming about a list may reflect behavior that… Read More »

Litter Box dreams meaning

Litter Box To dream of a litter box represents your willingness to “pay the cost” to feel good no matter what problems arise. “Putting up with shit” because it’s worth it to you. Extra efforts to keep yourself comfortable or overlooking the dirty aspects of something you like. Consider the type of animal using  for… Read More »

Liver dreams meaning

Liver To dream of a human liver represents feelings about yourself being able recover from any problems that arise. Confidently feeling that you are never able to lose. To dream of ailment or illness may represents feelings about yourself having trouble recovering or “bouncing back” in a waking life situation. Not being able to return… Read More »

Living Room dreams meaning

Living Room To dream of a living room represents mental or emotional comfort. Usually a symbol for being very relaxed or unconcerned about an issue or situation. Thinking that nothing is wrong. It may also reflect personal time or feeling that you are done with the hard work of a situation. Negatively, a living room… Read More »

Llama dreams meaning

Llama To dream of a llama represents behavior that thinks it’s better than others in a manner that is both obvious and ridiculous. People in your life that openly express their belief of themselves to be better than others when you think that it looks silly. Stupid people who think they are attractive. Example: A… Read More »

Loan dreams meaning

Loan To dream of a loan represents resources, favors, or free time that has to be paid back. Knowing that you’ll have to give something back. Short term success with long-term consequences. Asking for help that may come with a price. Being refused a loan may reflect a rejected offer for help. Negatively, a loan… Read More »