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Lay dreams meaning

Lay To dream of laying down represents feelings about choosing to maintain a choice. Not wanting to take action with a problem in the current moment. Feeling that you need a temporary break from a frustrating or overwhelming situation. Feeling that it’s better to do nothing than to take action. Negatively, laying down in a… Read More »

Leader dreams meaning

Leader To dream of a leader represents an aspect of yourself that is noticeably assertive. A quality in yourself or others that takes charge. An aspect of your personality that feels responsible for others. It may also reflect a sense of duty to put others first at all costs. An area of your life where… Read More »

Leaflets dreams meaning

Leaflets To dream of a leaflet represents feeling about a person or situation in your life that wants you to try to open-minded. Being open to other opinions or viewpoints. Negatively, leaflets in a dream may reflect charm, charisma, rhetoric that is starting to negatively influence your ability to think critically. A bad influence in… Read More »

Leaks dreams meaning

Leaks To dream of a something springing a leak, or taking on water represents loss, disappointments, or frustrations that may be distracting you. Issues that were repressed or kept at bay may coming to the forefront. You may also feel that you are wasting your time or energy. It may also reflect an uncertain situation… Read More »

Leash dreams meaning

Leash To dream of a leash represents control and restraint. Needing to feel yourself keeping control over a person or situation. Taking the lead. Not wanting someone to get out of control or go overboard. Keeping your influence over someone. Example: A woman dreamed of having a bulldog on a leash. In waking life she… Read More »

Leather dreams meaning

Leather To dream of leather represents you or someone else that is totally insensitive. A tough or uncaring nature. Alternatively, you may be a experiencing a situation that feels like it’s purposely ignoring your feelings. To dream of leather pants represents preoccupation with staying tough or insensitive. A discipline attitude focused on staying immune to… Read More »

Leather Jacket dreams meaning

Leather Jacket To dream of a leather jacket represents an assertive indifference or insensitive persona. Protectiveness or defensiveness that is insensitive. A part of you that puts up a fight, or cares little about others feelings. Doing what has to be done no matter what. Negatively, a leather jacket may reflect an insensitive, rude, or… Read More »

Leaves dreams meaning

Leaves To dream of a leaves on the ground represents the results or consequences of a big change. Positively, you are dealing the results of a very positive change. Negatively, you may feel you have to deal with consequences of a loss. To dream of leaves on a tree represents confidence that something is never… Read More »

Leaving dreams meaning

Leaving To dream of yourself leaving a place represents feelings about choosing to do something different or feeling that it’s time to “move on” in a situation. It may reflect feelings about being finished with a current objective or idea. To dream of seeing people leaving a place represents feelings about something different happening in… Read More »