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Hairdresser dreams meaning

Hairdresser To dream of a hairdresser represents behavior, decisions you’ve made, or other people who interest you in making yourself appear more interesting to other people. Motivation to impress someone. Alternatively, a hairdresser may represent a person or situation that is changing or improving the way you think. Example: A woman dreamed of a hairdresser… Read More »

Chicks dreams meaning

Chicks To dream of baby birds may reflect feelings about new confidence in overcoming problems or overcoming unwanted control in your life. New ideas that encourage you to stand up for yourself. Confidence developing that encourages you to stop listening to people who want to control you or stop you. Negatively, baby birds in a… Read More »

Childhood dreams meaning

Childhood To dream of experiencing your childhood may reflect feelings about being inexperienced with new situations. Enthusiasm for new opportunities or changes that you have never experienced before. Innocence. Negatively, dreaming of your childhood may reflect feelings of being treated little, patronized, or overlooked. Feeling that people are arrogantly not respecting you. Feeling weak, powerless,… Read More »

Children dreams meaning

Children To see your real life children in a dream represents ideas, habits, or developments that have potential. An area of your life that you are encouraging or feel supportive of. Situations or aspects of your life that you want to see powerful or flourish. It may also reflect an aspect of yourself based on… Read More »

Choreographer dreams meaning

Choreographer To dream of a choreographer represents you or someone else that is very concerned about perfectly following instructions to achieve congruency that feels good. A desire for perfect adherence to rules or a plan of action that impresses or pleases others. Preparation for a high pressure situation has to feel good knowing you did… Read More »

Christian People dreams meaning

Christian People To dream of Christians represents aspects of your personality that are obsessed with never doing anything wrong. Self-awareness of always doing nothing wrong or being noticed doing nothing wrong. Negatively, Christians in dreams may represent jealousy that you ever made a mistake or bad moral choice. Being afraid to do anything wrong, or… Read More »

Christmas dreams meaning

Christmas To dream of Christmas represents situations in life where it feels that you are getting something long deserved. Feeling that someone else has no choice but to give you a deserved break or special treatment. A joyous occasion. Renewed happiness that your health is returning or that something you’ve wanted for a long time… Read More »

Chemistry dreams meaning

Chemistry To dream of chemistry represents feelings experimenting with forcing reactions from people or situations. Social experimenting. Emotional experimenting. Testing people reactions to learn. Negatively chemistry may reflect knowledge or previous experience that allows to you easily manipulate people with forced reactions. Learning to manipulate people. Experimenting with people’s emotions or jealousy. Testing people’s reactions… Read More »

Chemotherapy dreams meaning

Chemotherapy To dream of chemotherapy represents a powerfully unpleasant ordeal that you must endure in order to free yourself from a difficult problem. Feeling subjected to a situation where nothing you like or want can happen at all in order to move on. It may also reflect a dangerous or humiliating risk you are taking… Read More »

Cherries dreams meaning

Cherries To dream of cherries represents self-indulgence. Helping yourself to a pleasurable experience. Cherries sometimes appear in dreams to reflect the occasional occurrence of sex. Example: A woman dreamed of handing a cake to her boss that had cherries on it. In waking life she was offering sex to him. The cherries reflected her wish… Read More »

Cherry Blossom Trees dreams meaning

Cherry Blossom Trees To dream of cherry blossom tree represents situations in your life that are perfectly aligned to let you feel good. A perfect opportunity to be close to someone or spend personal time with someone special. An event in your life that allows you to have your perfect moment. Example: A young girl… Read More »

Cherub dreams meaning

Cherub To dream of a cherub represents feelings about some aspect of your life being perfectly innocent. Alternatively, cherub may reflect your feelings about some aspect of your life being perfect for your needs or perfectly helpful. Negatively, a cherub may be a sign that you have naive, non-objective, misinformed beliefs about something you think… Read More »