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Mobility Scooter dreams meaning

Mobility Scooter To dream of a mobility scooter represents a convenience or support system that makes a situation a lot easier while you deal with your problems. It may also reflect situations where you are of sound mind while you use a resource to bypass a limitation. Example: A man dreamed of driving a mobility… Read More »

Model dreams meaning

Model To dream of being fashion model represents your awareness of yourself doing something better than others all the time. Being a perfect example of “positiver” behavior. Being noticed for doing something the best way. Portraying certain image to others. Negatively, a model may reflect narcissism. Alternatively, a model may reflect you view of someone… Read More »

Mohammed The Prophet dreams meaning

Mohammed The Prophet To dream of Mohammed the prophet represents an aspect of yourself that is all-powerful or unquestionable. It reflects your feelings of infallibility, total control, or absolute authority. Mohammed in a dream may be a sign that you are experiencing a situation where you wish to appear infallible or are believing in something… Read More »

Mohawk dreams meaning

Mohawk To dream of a mohawk represents non-conventional thinking, or not caring about what anyone else is thinking. Purposely doing things different. Insensitivity to others beliefs or views. Negatively, it represents being totally unconcerned about others. Positively it represents resisting pressure or the demands of others with crazy ideas or unconventional behavior. A thinking style… Read More »

Mold dreams meaning

Mold To dream of mold represents feelings about some area of your life having been a waste of time. Spoiled expectations. Disappointment. Wasted opportunities. Someone or something is not good enough. Feelings about something or someone being a loser worth ignoring. Feelings about wasted opportunities to be perfect. To dream of seeing on a wall… Read More »

Molestation dreams meaning

Molestation To dream of being molested represents feelings of being violated in some way that gives other enjoyment. Feeling that your good nature is being taken advantage of. You may feel humiliated or that your trust has been abused. There may be a person with a domineering influence over you or that you’re having an… Read More »

Molotov Cocktail dreams meaning

Molotov Cocktail To dream of a Molotov cocktail represents a vindictive choice or action to make someone else lose everything they have. Confidence that you or someone else will lose all they have slowly if certain actions are taken. Telling someone else that they should “go f*ck themselves” with actions that show that you will… Read More »

Monastery dreams meaning

Monastery To dream of a monastery represents your attempt to fix a problem, gain insight, or get ahead by completely sacrificing all pleasure from your life. Putting off happiness completely from your life for a greater purpose. Negatively, a monastery may be a sign that you are too obsessed giving up happiness to deal with… Read More »

Monday dreams meaning

Monday To dream of Monday represents feelings about a period of time being focused mostly around having to stop pleasure or stop taking time off. A need to return to a serious or professional attitude. A dislike of having to forgo recreation time or relaxing. A fresh opportunity to work or be productive. Feelings about… Read More »

Money dreams meaning

Money To dream of money represents the power to attain goals or objectives. The objectives can be psychological, emotional, or achieving desired experiences in waking life. You are able to think, feel, or do what you want in life. Money reflects how powerful you or some aspect of your personality is. Self-worth. Positively,  reflects possibility,… Read More »