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Mars dreams meaning

Mars To dream of the planet Mars represents conflict. You may feel that everything or everyone in your life is trying to fail you. A mindset that is hanging on during tough times, adversity, or a dangerous situation. Example: A man dreamed of seeing the planet Mars with recurring speed bumps on the surface. In… Read More »

Marshmallows dreams meaning

Marshmallows To dream of marshmallows represents feelings about an aspect of your life that feels like an easy bonus. Situations that feel enjoyable extra and light-hearted. Feeling good being easily liked by friends. Feeling that it’s exceptionally easy to enjoy yourself. Feelings of loving or liking yourself with something “fantastically extra.” Enjoying “every single little… Read More »

Mascots dreams meaning

Mascots To dream of a mascot represents you or others that is trying to generate enthusiastic support for something. Trying to “drum up” support or get others behind behind a cause by making them feel that it’s most important. Wanting others to think that something is important. Negatively, a mascot may reflect last minute desperation… Read More »

Mashed Potatoes dreams meaning

Mashed Potatoes To dream of mashed potatoes represents simplicity or a lack of complications. Areas of your life that are easy to understand or easy to live with. Alternatively, mashed potatoes may reflect positive feelings about someone taking care of you or doing a job for you. To dream of mashed potatoes with gravy represents… Read More »

Masquerade dreams meaning

Masquerade To dream of a masquerade ball represents situations people are enjoying lying or being “full of shit.” It may reflect situations where you are lying to friends or family. Enjoying yourself being a giant poser, fake, or something that you’re not. Thinking others are fools because telling a lie to help yourself is too… Read More »

Massacre dreams meaning

Massacre To dream of a massacre represents big changes for better or worse. Some area of your life has been completely wiped out. Negatively, it may reflect confidence, resources, happiness, or relationships that are totally gone. Positively, it may reflect a lot of fear, negative emotions, bad habits, or negative situations that are being confronted… Read More »

Massage dreams meaning

Massage To dream of getting a massage represents a person or situation that is giving you ease, comfort, or nurturance. Feeling good being relieved of something. Alternatively, to dream of  represents you or someone else that is totally preoccupied with their own need to feel good. Example: A man dreamed of being given . In… Read More »

Masturbation dreams meaning

Masturbation To dream of masturbating represents pleasing yourself mentally or emotionally. Fantasizing, daydreaming, or pleasant thoughts about desires, wishes, or goals. Things that may not be realistic at the moment. You or some aspect of your personality is more focused on enjoying yourself or being successful than on true achievement or real life experiences. You… Read More »

Matches dreams meaning

Matches To dream of matches represents your feelings about simple or unsophisticated methods to start something. Negatively, matches may reflect empty or shallow feelings about destroying relationships or starting something dangerous. Desperate vain attempts to start something you feel is important. Wasting your time with an impotent option to start or stop something. To dream… Read More »