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New dreams meaning

New To dream of something being new represents new ideas, perspectives, or experiences. You may also be experiencing new feelings or a new relationship. Alternatively, newness may reflect new skills, resources, or strengths. You are noticing yourself maturing in some way. A new identity. To dream of a new house may represent a new perspective… Read More »

New Year’s Eve dreams meaning

New Year’s Eve To dream of New Year’s Eve represents events or life experiences where you have the opportunity to make a fresh start, and to think differently. A New Year’s Eve dream reflects an opportunity to change. An opportunity to forget the past. Spontaneous change or an optimistic attempt to get your life back… Read More »

New York City dreams meaning

New York City To dream of New York represents social interaction with others where you notice that you are better than other people in some way. You may notice that you are richer, smarter, luckier, or more mature than other people. Negatively, New York City may reflect social interaction with other people that enjoys arrogantly… Read More »

News dreams meaning

News To dream of watching the  on tv represents your choice to notice something being the most important issue. You want something to be significant. Negatively, news may reflect issues you are giving too much importance to. Example: A young man dreamed of watching  show telling him about December 21st, 2012 was going to be… Read More »

Newspapers dreams meaning

Newspapers To dream of reading a newspaper represents a need for information or insight about the most important issues. You may be looking for the best current advice or answers to a serious problem. To dream of selling newspapers represents an attempt to inform or alert others to some important information. You have a significant… Read More »

Nicknames dreams meaning

Nicknames To dream of calling someone using a nickname represents feelings of familiarity or having a closer connection to something than other people. Feeling good being an insider. Positively, a nickname may reflect feelings of being more popular. Feelings about some area of your life being well known or having a sense of family. Negatively,… Read More »

Nigger dreams meaning

Nigger To dream of calling someone a nigger may reflect frustration with a jealous spiteful person. Someone that can’t do what they want and is getting back at you for it. To dream of being called a nigger represents anger you feel from someone else because of your jealous spitefulness. You can’t do something so… Read More »

Night School dreams meaning

Night School To dream of night school represents feelings about seriousness, caring a lot, or anxiety about needing to learn to do something else when nothing is working. Feelings about you or someone else doing something in their spare time to get ahead or to learn skills when nothing else is supportive enough. Using spare… Read More »

Nightcap (Drink) dreams meaning

Nightcap (Drink) To dream of a nightcap represents a situation in your life soothes concerns or makes it easier to forget something. Parting gift, condolences, or reparations. Numbing your pain or concerns away. Example: A man dreamed that his father offered him a nightcap. In waking life his father died leaving him with a million… Read More »

Nightclub dreams meaning

Nightclub To dream of a nightclub represent preoccupation with excitement and winning. It may also be a sign that you are very concerned with having a non-stop good time or always being noticed by others as a happy winner. Negatively, a nightclub may be a sign that you are too concerned with being liked, belonging,… Read More »