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Morse Code dreams meaning

Morse Code To dream of morse code represents an exhausting attempt to communicate to someone else when nobody wants you talking to them. Attempting to outsmart someone nosy, overbearing, or controlling. Attempting to get away with something to someone else’s face by disguising your true intentions in plain sight. Negatively, morse code may represent a… Read More »

Mortgage dreams meaning

Mortgage To dream of having a mortgage represents a stable perspective or outlook on a situation that requires maintenance. You have to keep yourself responsible in order to maintain the stability of a situation. You have your “foot in the door” and now have to keep yourself there. A situation that you have to care… Read More »

Mosaic dreams meaning

Mosaic To dream of a mosaic or mosaic pattern represents feelings about experiencing imperfect situations where every single little detail is paid attention to. Positively, dreaming of  represents enjoying yourself being a novice at something. Not caring about having to be perfect to achieve your goals. Negatively, dreaming of  may be a sign that you… Read More »

Mosquitoes dreams meaning

Mosquitoes To dream of mosquitoes represents an annoying interference. You may feel that your good nature or innocence is being taken advantage of. Something that gets in the way of happiness or achieving your goals when your carefree or trying to enjoy yourself. A mosquito may also be a sign that you feel taken advantage… Read More »

Moss dreams meaning

Moss To dream of moss represents a dislike of having to accept something about yourself or your life. Accepting an unpleasant slow progression. Acceptance of aging or noticing yourself experiencing unpleasant changes as you get older. Accepting of yourself becoming less attractive. Feeling that you are slowly becoming less attractive or interesting in ways that… Read More »

Motel dreams meaning

Motel To dream of a motel represents a perspective on a situation where you feel the need to use someone temporarily. Feeling that can do whatever you want as long as someone else isn’t bothered by it. Freedom to do things by yourself as long as certain conditions are met. Negatively, a motel may be… Read More »

Mother dreams meaning

Mother To dream of your mother represents your intuition or your internal guidance. She reflects your ability to make decisions that will effect you in the future or how well you make choices based on gut instincts. She also reflects how lucky you feel about coincidences or good foresight. Anything your mother says in a… Read More »

Mother’s Day dreams meaning

Mother’s Day To dream of Mother’s Day represent an event or special time in your life where you are being careful about the future. Being more responsible than you usually are. Your choices are very focused on staying out of trouble before it begins. Being focused on prevention. Alternatively, Mother’s Day may reflect how lucky… Read More »

Mother-In-Law dreams meaning

Mother-In-Law To see dream your mother-in-law represents your intuition or coincidences that are compromising. Experiencing a situation that is not your first choice. Alternative outcomes or luck that is only partially achieving your true wishes. Feeling that you have to give something up to get what you want. You may also feel that giving up… Read More »

Moths dreams meaning

Moths To dream of a moth represents a person or situation that is imposing itself on you. Feeling annoyed by someone interfering or intruding on your happiness. Feeling annoyed about having to put up with something. Jealousy that something you like is never as perfectly easy you’d like it to me. Moths may reflect feelings… Read More »