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Iodine dreams meaning

Iodine To dream of iodine behavior or situations that totally cancels out negativity while not feeling good doing it. A possible sign that you need to pace yourself or not rush any decisions. Try not to go overboard dealing with your problem. Alternatively, iodine may reflect a powerful solution to a problem that you can… Read More »

Ipad dreams meaning

Ipad To dream of an Ipad represents a carefree thinking style about an issue in your life. A more comfortable outlook on an existing situation. Noticing that it’s easier to think about issues if you don’t focus on anything serious. A thinking style that feels convenient or free of jealousy. Negatively, an Ipad may be… Read More »

Iphone dreams meaning

Iphone To dream of an Iphone represents an increased sense of confidence about issues that have importance or value to you emotionally. It may also represent an important area of your life that has noticeably improved in some manner. Connections or important relationships that you feel are better than what everyone else has. Example: A… Read More »

Iran dreams meaning

Iran To dream about Iran represents a mindset that is sensitive about noticing itself losing at all. You may feel surrounded by people that are pressuring you to be perfect or maintain a perfect reputation. Appearances and winning may be all that matters around certain people. Being constantly scared or nervous about ever doing anything… Read More »

Iranian People dreams meaning

Iranian People To dream of Iranian people represents an aspect of yourself that are sensitive about never losing at all. Feeling concerned about being perfect or good enough. Anxiety or sensitivity about how positive you’re seen by others. It may also reflect sensitivity about how attractive you are. Thinking that other people liking you or… Read More »

Iraqi People dreams meaning

Iraqi People To dream of Iraqi people represents self-respect before all else. Preoccupied with never being impotent under any circumstance. Positively, it reflects stubbornness or audacity in the face people who try to overpower or embarrass you. Never showing weakness to a competitor no matter what. Using a “heavy hand” to someone that got out… Read More »

Ireland dreams meaning

Ireland To dream of being in Ireland represents a mindset that prefers to permanently feel good before all else. Feeling that having a good time should never stop. Always looking on a bright side. Jealousy of having to stop feeling good. Positively, dreaming being in Ireland may reflect feelings about being immersed in a situation… Read More »

Irish People dreams meaning

Irish People To dream of Irish people represents aspects of your personality that feel good being accepted as they are. Feeling good having accepted certainty. Not liking anything that’s boring, depressing, or losing. Positively, it reflects optimism or cheerfulness no matter what problems arise. Enjoying feeling luckier. Feeling good that nothing is ignoring you. Feeling… Read More »

Iron (Metal) dreams meaning

Iron (Metal) To dream of iron metal represents strength, endurance, and willpower. Steadfastness, resilience, hardness. Standing firm or standing strong. Easily withstanding pain, pressure, or hardship. An unwavering stance. Negative emotions, harsh words, or bad situations rolling off you as though they didn’t matter. Alternatively, iron may reflect feelings of being stronger than someone else… Read More »