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Pink dreams meaning

Pink To dream of the color pink represents lust. This can sexual lust or a powerful thoughtless desire to have something as soon as possible. Positively, pink may reflect motivation, drive, and ambition. Negatively, pink reflects blind sexual desire or excessive need to attain what you want. An obsessive or unstoppable sexual appetite. may reflect… Read More »

Pinocchio dreams meaning

Pinocchio To dream of Pinocchio represents your feelings about being unable to hide the truth or disguise your real intentions. Noticing that it’s impossible to lie or keep a secret. Example: A man dreamed of seeing Pinocchio. In waking life he discovered that someone he just met had done some snooping on the Internet about… Read More »

Pinocchio dreams meaning

Pinocchio To dream of the Disney character Pinocchio represents feelings about looking obvious if your are dishonest. Alternatively, Pinocchio may represents innocence that embarrasses itself never listening. Looking stupid lying. Example: A young woman dreamed that she was Pinocchio and that her nose kept growing while talking to her father who wasn’t listening to her.… Read More »

Pins dreams meaning

Pins To dream of colored straight pins (sewing pin) represents feeling that it’s special to notice exactly what something is. Feelings about noticing something being specially kept exactly the way it is. Feelings of being held back or made to stay put in a safe way. To dream of all metal uncolored straight pins represents… Read More »

Pipe (Smoking) dreams meaning

Pipe (Smoking) To dream of  represents contemplation. Feeling good noticing what you are doing is intelligent. Feeling too intelligent to have to worry. It may also reflect your attempt to show others that you are capable of acting like an adult about something dangerous. Negatively, a dream may reflect a preoccupation with not wanting to… Read More »

Pipes (Plumbing) dreams meaning

Pipes (Plumbing) To dream of pipes represents your ability to steer and control something in the direction you want. Leaking pipes represent problems that are derailing progress or causing delays. To dream of using a pipe as a weapon symbolizes conflict in your life over controlling outcomes. To dream of a pipeline represents unquestioned progress.… Read More »

Piranhas dreams meaning

Piranhas To dream of a piranha represents an issue or problem that “eats away” or destroys everything it’s exposed to. People or situations that could ruin or negatively influence all that you have. Areas of your life that may be totally lost because of a single failure or embarrassment. Example: A woman once dreamed of… Read More »

Pirate dreams meaning

Pirate To see in dream your dream represents an aspect of your personality that likes to take advantage of others, or exploit weaknesses for your own benefit. Taking advantage of passivity. A lack of concern for exploiting innocence. Social hijacking. Dominating a social atmosphere. Negatively, dreaming about  may reflect casual feelings about dishonest or criminal… Read More »