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Outbreak dreams meaning

Outbreak To dream of an outbreak represents a dangerous ideas or situations that are getting out of hand. A negative situation, belief, or opinion that scares you that it can’t be stopped. A fear of something only getting worse, or being unable to control a problem. Negatively, an outbreak may reflect your desperation or sense… Read More »

Outer Space dreams meaning

Outer Space To dream of outer space represents the unknown. You are experiencing new situations, new feelings, and new ideas. Your life and mind are going where they have never gone before. To dream about getting ready to go into outer space represents your preparation or expectation for an unusual experience. Getting ready to do… Read More »

Outlaws dreams meaning

Outlaws To dream of an outlaw represents you or someone else that knows that they are not doing anything that they’re supposed to be doing all the time. Being fully conscious that you are constantly breaking the rules as though it were normal. Alternatively, an outlaw in a dream may reflect your feelings that someone… Read More »

Outside dreams meaning

Outside To dream of being outside represents feelings of freedom, openness, or opportunities. Awareness of a situation becoming less rigid. Not having to think in one specific way. Taking action with your problems instead of just thinking or talking about them. Taking theories into action. Feeling good actualizing your goals. Feeling that there are no… Read More »

Overdose dreams meaning

Overdose To dream that you or someone else overdoses represents excessive behavior or an inability to know your limits. You may have indulged in pleasure to the point of embarrassing yourself. You may be on a self-destructive path. You may need to make a significant change in your life. An overdose may suggest that you… Read More »

Overdraft dreams meaning

Overdraft To dream of a bank overdraft may reflect awareness about having gone overboard with your decisions. Having gone overboard with neglecting people’s feelings. Selfishly exceeding the limitations of a relationship. Personal resources that you abused or exceeded limits with. Emotionally or physically exhausting yourself in some manner. Feelings about having the freedom to exceed… Read More »

Overdue dreams meaning

Overdue To dream of something being overdue represents feelings about being behind on your responsibilities, promises, or obligations. A sign that it may be a good idea to set aside time to deal with an issue you’ve be putting off. Negatively, dreaming about something being overdue may be a sign that you feel overwhelmed with… Read More »