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Picking dreams meaning

Picking To dream of picking one thing over another represents feelings about choices or preferences. Awareness of yourself making a good or bad choice. To dream of picking fruit represents feeling good making a responsible or beneficial choice. Picking a lot fruit may reflect feeling good sharing a responsible beneficial choice or many people all… Read More »

Pickup Truck dreams meaning

Pickup Truck To dream of a pickup truck represents decision-making or control over a situation that involved hard work or fixing something. Feelings about your or someone else that “has a job to do.” Behavior that is focused on fulfilling obligations or responsibilities. A direction in life that is centered on “getting the job done”… Read More »

Picnic dreams meaning

Picnic To dream of having a picnic represents situations in waking life where is there is comfortable carefree indulgence. Having a wonderful time thinking nothing matters. It may also reflect an enjoyable open discussion. Feeling that there is nothing wrong at all with what you are saying or doing. Negatively, a picnic may reflect being… Read More »

Picnic Table dreams meaning

Picnic Table To dream of a picnic table represents a relaxed or casual attitude about being noticed doing something. It may also reflect your wish to be purposely or intentionally noticed being involved in a behavior or activity. Your intentions or interests on display to others. Negatively, a picnic bench may be a sign that… Read More »

Picture Frames dreams meaning

Picture Frames To dream of a picture frame represents a wish to remember something being perfect. Never caring about a situation having anything wrong with it ever again. Black picture frames may indicate obsession with being perfect or a fear of not being perfect. To dream of seeing an empty frame on the wall may… Read More »

Pictures dreams meaning

Pictures To dream of a picture or photograph represents a memory or mental imprint of an experience you had. How a situation was remembered or is perceived by you after it has occurred. A lasting impression. Ensuring remembrance. To dream of taking pictures may reflect the importance you feel on remembering current actions at a… Read More »

Pier dreams meaning

Pier To dream of a pier represents a positive outlook about uncertainty in your future. Being unsure, yet enthusiastic about situations that you can’t predict. A symbol you might see when feel upbeat about moving, starting school, or beginning a new job. Negatively, a pier may represent your hope for death or something bad to… Read More »

Piercings dreams meaning

Piercings To dream of a piercing represents something about yourself that you like being noticed for. Wanting attention for your strengths or something you like about yourself. It may also reflect something about yourself that you want to show off. To dream of earrings or ear piercings represents a wish to be noticed for how… Read More »

Pig Roast dreams meaning

Pig Roast To dream of a pig roast represents a positive ending to a very selfish or arrogant situation. Noticing yourself or others letting other people enjoy themselves after a long period of not doing so. A celebratory moment of sharing or giving back to others. A pig roast may also reflect enjoying yourself after… Read More »