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Popsicle Sticks dreams meaning

Popsicle Sticks To dream of popsicle sticks represents feelings about something not costing a lot to reuse or repurpose. Low cost creative potential with reusing or repurposing. Negatively, popsicle sticks may reflect feelings about reusing or repurposing that is dishonest, self-interested, or doesn’t ask another person’s permission. Feelings about something not being used for anything… Read More »

Popsicles dreams meaning

Popsicles To dream of popsicles represents feeling good that everyone or everything in your life likes you the way you are. Temporarily feel good with no problems. Feelings about enjoying yourself living in the moment when it isn’t expensive. Holding on to something temporary that you want to keep feeling good with for as long… Read More »

Porcelain dreams meaning

Porcelain To dream of porcelain represents feelings about a situation being very nice as long as you carefully leave it the way it is. Enjoyment obtained by being careful not to ruin a sensitive situation. Sensitivity about leaving a fragile situation as it is for good appearances. Pleasant, yet fragile social situations. Former enemies with… Read More »

Porch dreams meaning

Porch To dream of house porch represents situations, behavior, or issues that you are intentional about. Caring about knowing you’re doing something. It may also reflect an area of your life where you are purposely trying to be noticed for something. Negatively,  may reflect bad intentions you care about being noticed by others or problems… Read More »

Pork dreams meaning

Pork To dream of pork represents situations where something is only for you. Having something all to yourself. knowing that you don’t have to share. Behavior that is focused completely on personal benefit. Noticing yourself doing whatever you want all the time. Negatively, pork may reflect too much indulgence on yourself or overspending.  

Porn Star dreams meaning

Porn Star To dream of  that you know represents feeling good wanting something that never materializes. Ask yourself what feelings or memories stand out most about that porn star for further symbolism. An ugly  would possibly represent your feelings of how unpleasant it feels to wait or doing nothing while being told to feel good… Read More »

Pornography dreams meaning

Pornography To dream of a pornography video represents a life experience where you are feeling good doing nothing. Desiring, fantasizing, or dreaming about having something you want. Goals, wishes, or aspirations that feel good, but may be out of reach. Pornography may also reflect delusions or unrealistic fantasies. Pornography may appear in the dreams of… Read More »

Portal dreams meaning

Portal To dream of a magic  represents feelings about how quickly your life can become different. Decisions or opportunities that make dramatic change impossibly easy. Feelings about having the ability to power to completely change your life for short periods of time. A complete lack of jealousy about why you never have to waste any… Read More »