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The letter T in a dream represent a crossroads. A junction in life where you have to make a decision.

T is the 20th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 20 represents conflict with power.

Tampons Dreams Meaning

Tampons Tampons ,To see or wear a tampon in your dream represents a solution to a nagging problem. A solution to a problem that requires your full attention. Alternatively, dreams of maxi pads or tampons may reflect a woman’s heightened concerns about embarrassing herself by bleeding on herself in public because she didn’t properly use… Read More »

Tan Lines Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tan Lines Interpretaion

Tan Lines Tan Lines dream of seeing tan lines represents feeling that positive situation could have been better. You may have feel you’ve missed out or not done enough when times were good. You didn’t care about “all of it.” Read More : Unicorns Dreams Meaning Tear Gas Dreams Meaning Technology Dreams Meaning Teddy Bear… Read More »

Tank Top Dreams Meaning

Tank Top Tank Top dream of a tank top represents the personality as it displays power during a dangerous moment. You or someone else that is showing their strengths in an obvious manner. “Flexing” power during a difficult time or crisis. Showing others how strong you are. Negatively, dreaming about a tank top may reflect… Read More »

Tanning Bed Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tanning Bed Interpretaion

Tanning Bed Tanning Bed dream of a tanning bed represents your ability to control your good fortune, success, optimism, or how lucky other people perceive you. A way to spoil yourself or feel better about yourself. Having a trick, secret weapon, or advantage that allows to you maintain a heightened sense of optimism, good luck,… Read More »

Tape Recorder Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tape Recorder Interpretaion

Tape Recorder Tape Recorder dream of tape recorder represents choices for the future that can’t be easily changed. It may reflect a decision you are making that you know you may regret later or that will be difficult to change later on. To dream of using a recorder represents more serious or permanent choices for… Read More »

Tapeworms Dreams Meaning

Tapeworms Tapeworms dream of a tapeworm symbolizes an aspect of your personality that continually takes what’s rightfully yours. A person or situation that keeps robbing you of things you deserve or that you’ve earned. Example: A young man dreamed of removing a tapeworm. In real life he had removed his wisdom teeth after experiencing a… Read More »

Tarantulas Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tarantulas Interpretaion

Tarantulas Tarantulas dream of a tarantula represents feelings of total hopelessness or despair. You feel powerless to do anything except notice yourself being slowly overtaken by something you fear. Feelings about being slowly trapped by a fear that will consume you. Alternatively, a tarantula may reflect feelings of fear that you are fully aware of… Read More »

Tardis Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tardis Interpretaion

Tardis Tardis dream of the Tardis from Doctor Who represents feelings about amazing ideas, advantages, or wealth allowing you have the most incredible experiences that others can’t ever have. An impressive display of originality to others. Originality that is impossible for others to achieve. Doing whatever you want as though it was too easy. Negatively,… Read More »

Target Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Target Interpretaion

Target Target dream of shooting  represents your focus on a goal or objective you are “aiming for.” A target may also reflect a chance, opportunity, or judgment call. A wish for something to happen. Alternatively, shooting at atarget may represent something negative in your life that you are trying to remove. To dream of missing… Read More »

Tarot Cards Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Tarot Cards Interpretaion

Tarot Cards Tarot Cards dream represents an outlook on the future that makes you never want to question it. Negatively, tarot cards may reflect believing in fallacies or assuming too much of something. It may also reflect a powerful sense of certainty because you are too emotional about something. Bad advice that never wants you… Read More »

Tassels Dreams Meaning

Tassels Tassels dream represents feelings about yourself, someone else, or a situation being perfectly amazing. Feelings about something being perfectly incredible. Being very impressed with yourself being excellent in some way. Feelings about yourself or others doing everything single thing incredible or amazing. Negatively, tassels may be a sign that you are too confident about… Read More »

Taste Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Taste Interpretaion

Taste taste something bad in your dream represents an unpleasant feeling about a decision, situation, or relationship. You may not like how something works or has turned out. Something in your life isn’t interesting to you or disappoints you. You may want to reconsider your options. For specific tastes lookup Sour, Sweet, Salty, or Spicy.… Read More »