Statues Dreams Meaning

By | November 29, 2016

Statues Dreams MeaningStatues

Statues dream of a statue represents something in yourself or in your life that you idealize or admire. You are putting yourself, another person, or something in your life on a pedestal. Feelings about yourself being a perfect example for others to observe.

Negatively, dreaming about a statute may reflect vanity or narcissism about your physical appearance. Feelings about one’s achievements being immortalized for others to observe. Feelings of emptiness that you are being observed with an unusual problem that can’t be fixed. Lying to others that your life is a perfect example of functioning.

People who contract sleeping sickness or who live in coma’s often dream of being living statues. This may reflect their awareness of themselves being paralysed while being observed by doctors.

Example: A wealthy woman from the late 1920’s dreamed of becoming a living statue. Shortly, after the dream she contracted sleeping sickness and it ruined her life. At one point she was in a hospital for over 20 years without being aware of it. The statue symbolism may have reflected her awareness of herself being paralysed with doctors observing her and being unable to help her before she lost consciousness.

Example 2: A young woman dreamed of placing a baby statue next to a grave and then realized that it was the wrong grave. In waking life her new boyfriend had died. She thought her boyfriend was her soul mate and was going speak about that at the funeral, but then decided it wasn’t appropriate. The baby statue in this case may have reflected her temporary feelings about wanting to discuss her relationship at the funeral as being a perfect example of fate that never got a chance to thrive.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of seeing a statue of a young girl petting a cat. In waking life she was noticing problems with her boyfriend having sexual chats online, but choose to discuss her relationship with others as perfectly functioning.

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2 thoughts on “Statues Dreams Meaning

  1. t

    miniature statue of my self in my dream with words written on a small cloth shirt or something i do not know what they said or i just dont remember but i was upset about them and i took the shirt off of it and threw it. and took the statue and tried to break it on a big stone nearby and i could not!. INSTEAD a lot of people noticed me and came attacking me biting me and stuff… i woke up after that what does it mean….

    mind u i am trying to have a baby and just heard about african fertility statues and prayed for a baby from God or for him to bless me with a baby if i visit this statue..

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  2. Trixie Dickerson

    I am very religious Catholic, in my culture we make some parade for all sacred statue of stain it doesn’t matter if is Jesus Mary St. Jopesh etc I was standing outside and see some parade with beshop then I was running inside the house to get all of the statue that we have in the house those parade did passed on me I didn’t made to join my statue but I tell them I will take them to the church. Please any comments suggestions will help to thank you

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