Star Of David Dreams Meaning

By | November 30, 2016

Star Of David Dreams MeaningStar Of David

Star Of David (hexagram) represents the struggle between the positive and negative aspects of creation. The upward facing triangle representing the negative aspect of creation, and the downward facing triangle representing the positive aspect of creation.

To see the Star of David in your dream represents a inner struggle between good and bad aspects of your personality. It may also reflect a confrontation between good and evil.

To see a Star of David pull apart or separate in a dream is symbolic of negativity in your life separating from you. It may come at a time when you are facing unpleasant or difficult experiences in life. Everything negative is facing everything positive.

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One thought on “Star Of David Dreams Meaning

  1. Cynthia

    I had the craziest dreams after finally falling back asleep after waking up way too early.

    First I dreamt I was with my family in a beautiful , sprawling , single story ranch house on the edge of a dessert. We had a pet ostrich who had suddenly run into the house, very distressed about something. Since there were so many people in the house, I decided I would let someone else investigate whatever it was going on outside and continued to sit on the couch and read when the bird bit my left hand and pulled hard in the direction it wanted me to go. It hurt and scared me so bad I woke up from that then fell back asleep.

    Next I dreamt I was driving straight on a completely slanted road , on the edge of a Mesa over looking a city, and it was so slanted that if you didn’t keep a certain speed you would tumble off the road and down the side of the Mesa. When I was running out of road I was able to roll down my window and literally fly out of my car. I was flying for quite a while and went under some garden arbors that were two stories tall before realizing I had found my way into a parking garage. I kept flying and going through hallways and under huge open door ways until it was obvious I was going through an office area, and the ceiling had gotten lower. Then a security guard saw me and demanded I come down andI identify myself. Once I did, they released me. I found myself walking in the city and stopping in a bar restaurant. I witnessed a fat woman kicking and fighting her way past a long line of people to get into a different section of the building. She got beaten up and restrained by a female bouncer, who was just as fat, and dragged outside and held down until medics and police arrived.

    Then it was night time and I was walking home and I lived in a cool single condo on a steep small hill with tons of windows. I had to climb an almost vertical,narrow set of stairs to get to it. I was outside plugging in three different sculptures made of Christmas lights arranged on a large, wrap around porch balcony, one of them was bright blue and in the shape of the Star of David and it rotated slowly. I looked up and saw drunk people getting into a different car of mine parked down the street about two blocks away. I was screaming at them to get out, which they did, but I ran inside to get my remote control key fob to lock the doors from my balcony when I discovered my roommate was Lady Gaga. She was walking downstairs, dressed plainly with no makeup on and told me how much she enjoyed meeting and hanging out with my daughter and her friends there a couple days before. Then I woke up. So weird!!!!

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