Ski Mask Dreams Meaning

By | December 25, 2016

Ski Mask Dreams MeaningSki Mask

Ski Mask، To dream of a ski mask represents an aspect of your personality that wishes to remain hidden or unknown at all costs. You or someone else that is avoiding the truth or is obviously trying to keep something a secret. Risking everything to avoid the truth.

To dream of being robbed by someone wearing a ski mask represents feelings that you are being forced into something without a proper explanation.

Example: A young boy dreamed of a ski mask wearing criminal in his house. In real life his father just died and everyone in the family was trying to avoid telling him about it.

Example 2: A man dreamed of running away from a man in a ski mask. In waking life he was trying to avoid being noticed for his weak language skills in business dealings in a foreign country.

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One thought on “Ski Mask Dreams Meaning

  1. Stephanie

    When if I’m the one wearing a ski mask?
    I had a f****** weird dream, that started out as a previous family living in an apartment that I would be living in got murdered by the Grim Reaper, they all died in 5 days.
    The first sign of your imminent demise, is a wind chime flowing inside your house and there’s no breeze, then your clock start going off, right before 12 a.m. then you start seeing a face when you close your eyes. Until you finally see the Grim Reaper himself. And you died…
    The first part of that dream, was filmed as if you were in a video game, like Fran Bow.
    Everyone who lived in that apartment, died.
    Each under mysterious circumstances.
    Then I was the one living in the apartment, in the on the first day I was told that I was marked for Death, unless I managed hide from the Grim Reaper. So I came up with two hiding spots, underneath the boiler, and underneath a baby’s crib that had been left behind by the previous family that lived there.

    I one point in the dream I became a puppy…
    Ihail under the baby’s crib, and I have corner my eye I saw the Grim Reaper and he looked down at me through the baby crib and put his hand on it…
    The skips to a part where I have to leave.
    I need to leave right away.
    So I’m in a Prius, that has an auto pilot..
    Driving away, then tenley I’m in front of my school calling my old babysitter says she’ll be right back
    Three people break into the car that I’m in..
    Two men and a woman, the drive off with me in the car…
    For some reason I started making out with one of them…

    Then I shoved him out of the car, and tried to shove that the woman who was driving out of the car.
    I was struggling against both the man and the woman that were left in the car.
    I managed to knock her out oh, and she was partially in in the car unconscious.

    Eventually I’m in the middle of some random City, on top of the car panicking in pain.
    When the guidance counselors from my school says that it’s time to go and he’ll take me to the hospital…
    Fast forward to the first day of school, I’m wearing ski mask cover up my facial deformity, as I’m crossing the street I see car coming towards me.
    And I think ” this is a dream, this is fine”
    Then I get hit, and feel the crushing impact over the front of the car hitting my rib cage.
    Suddenly I’m on the sidewalk, watching a parade when I enter the school.
    For some reason there are five floors…
    I find myself in random elevator, with a man in a lab coat elevator is going down, there’s a secret lab, where they take missing students and do experiments on them…
    I’m on my hands and knees, pleading for him not to take me…
    “Please sir, I’ve already been through enough. I’ve been kidnapped twice and I don’t want to go through a third time… I’ve suffered enough already. If you let me back up I promise I’ll never talk about this again. Please don’t hurt me”

    Suddenly, I’m in a strange empty locker room, we’re all the girls go.
    And I’m alone….

    I reach up to my face and feel the ski mask, and I take it off.
    Then I hear a bunch of girls approaching, I tried to put it back on but I was too late.
    Most of them ignored me.
    But some people, looked at me and said “oh my God, what happened to your face?”
    I turned away, and said “whilst you think I wear the ski mask? So people don’t have to look at me. And think I’m a monster… That there’s something terribly wrong with me”
    “But we don’t think anything’s wrong with you…”
    Those people are somewhat right. Considering the stuff that’s happened to me in the past. Two kidnappings, one where I was tortured oh, and another where I managed to escape, but with the terrible Burns scars and scratches across my face… Going through something like that, you’re never the same again….”

    Then I turn and look in the mirror.
    my face looks off, and I can’t put my finger on it.
    There’s something wrong with it, but there’s no Burns.
    No scars.

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