Clothes Iron dreams meaning

Clothes Iron To dream of a clothes iron represents an attempt to perfect yourself or remove flaws. Orderliness. You may be practicing something or cleaning up a rough copy of work project. “Ironing out the wrinkles” of something in your life. You may be trying to make sure something is in order before you present… Read More »

Clothesline dreams meaning

Clothesline To dream of hanging clothes on a clothesline represents your wish to notice problems going away on their own. You might be sad, angry, or embarrassed and keeping your distance from others until it feels better. A clothesline may also reflect you wish to not get involved in someone else’s problems. Negatively, a clothesline… Read More »

Baby Clothes dreams meaning

Baby Clothes To dream of baby clothes may reflect the personality and how it behaves when involved with a new or developing area of your life. How you choose to project yourself when discussing new achievements. Negatively,  may reflect the personality involving sensitive problems that require a lot of attention. How you project yourself to… Read More »

Laughing dreams meaning

Laughing To dream that you are laughing represents ideas or situations that you feel are ridiculous or unrealistic. You feel you can’t take a situation or another person seriously anymore. Total confidence something something is stupid or pathetic. Confidence after facing a fear. Feeling that something is too easy. Feeling good that there is nothing… Read More »

Laundry dreams meaning

Laundry To dream of laundry or doing laundry represents the intentional cleansing of negative habits or negative personality traits. Purposely wanting to change yourself or think differently. You are finished with certain beliefs, habits, or situations and want to try something else. Changes in the way you think, or in your lifestyle that are contributing… Read More »

Filthy dreams meaning

Filthy To dream of something being filthy represents feeling about yourself or a situation being excessively disgusting, unclean, ashamed, perverted, or undesirable. Feeling that you have a lot of things wrong with you. Thoughts or anxiety about experiencing poverty. Example: A man dreamed of wearing filthy clothes. In waking life he had just had a… Read More »

Diarrhea dreams meaning

Diarrhea To dream of a diarrhea represents a sense of urgency to deal with a problem that sidetracks you from your real goals. Feelings about how terrible it is to be forced to cleanse something from your life. Removing something negative from your life faster than you feel comfortable with. You may be feeling a… Read More »

Dressing Room dreams meaning

Dressing Room To dream of a dressing room represents your attempt to fit in to a new role or situation. Trying new things or trying to find yourself. Seeing how new ideas or opinions suit you in your relationships. You may be developing a new self-image. If the clothes do not fit, it may reflect… Read More »

Drinks dreams meaning

Drinks To dream of drinks represents feelings about a situation being perfectly easy or exactly the way you want it. To dream of a spilling drinks represents problems or embarrassments that have arisen with issues you felt should be easy. To dream of spilling a drink on clothes may represent a disappointment you have to… Read More »

Celebrities dreams meaning

Celebrities Celebrities in dreams are usually symbols for some aspect of your personality or something about you based on your opinions, feelings, thoughts, or memories of that celebrity. Like all people in dreams, celebrities are personal symbols and hold different meanings for each person. It’s impossible to have any definite meaning for any person in… Read More »