Notebooks dreams meaning

Notebooks To dream of a notebook represents information that you think is important enough to remember. Things you want to keep track of. It may also reflect advice, observations, past experiences, memories, or solutions to problems you’ve already dealt with. A notebook may also reflect issues you have overlooked. To dream of losing  may symbolize… Read More »

Facebook dreams meaning

Facebook To dream of represents an experience in life where you are becoming more aware of yourself. The reason for this is because Facebook is used to build connections to everybody you’ve ever known, and in dreams people are aspects of your own personality. Negativity, Facebook may represent an experience in life you are… Read More »

Comic Books dreams meaning

Comic Books To dream of a comic book represents storytelling or daydreaming of incredibly powerful feats. Telling or hearing stories where everything is amazing or powerful. A wish to take part in an incredible or odds defying experience. Negatively, comic books may reflect too much focus on showing off incredible power and not enough on… Read More »

Book Store dreams meaning

Book Store To dream of being in a book store represents your interest in trying something new for yourself. New talents, skills, or lifestyle choices you are considering integrating into your life. You may be interested in learning something new or improving yourself. A bookstore may be a sign that you want to increase your… Read More »

Bookmarks dreams meaning

Bookmarks To dream of a bookmark represents feelings about not wanting to embarrass yourself forgetting why an idea or action is important to maintain. Not wanting to lose your sense of purpose or certainty about yourself. Alternatively, a bookmark may reflect feelings about needing to remember your purpose or arguments during social difficulties. Taking time… Read More »

Books dreams meaning

Books To dream of books represents ideas, information, insights, or answers. It may also reflect what you tell yourself to do when a specific situation or problem arises. Consider a book’s title, subject, color for additional meaning. To dream of books on a shelf represents ideas, information, or insights that you have yet to use.… Read More »

Bookshelf dreams meaning

Bookshelf To dream of a bookshelf on it’s own represents your plans for the future. To dream of books on a shelf represents ideas, information, or insights that you have yet to discover or that you are beginning to explore. It may also reflect ideas, answers, or methods that you are waiting to try. It… Read More »

Scrapbook Dreams Meaning

Scrapbook Scrapbook، To dream of a scrapbook represents your memory of what life or others have done to you over the years. Old feelings and memories that you’ve forgotten. An event or situation in your life that makes you “walk down memory lane.” A scrapbook may show up in a dream when you are visiting… Read More »

Spell Book Dreams Meaning

Spell Book Spell Book dream represents ideas or a source of insight into how to permanently manipulate or control people or situations. Looking for a trick or manipulation strategy that can’t be stopped or figured out. Example: A young girl dreamed of searching through a spell book to fend off a curse. In waking life… Read More »

Telephone Book Dreams Meaning – Dreaming of Telephone Book Interpretaion

Telephone Book To dream of a telephone book represents how resourceful you are. People, information, or resources you can always drawn on make what you need happen. Having the right answers or people at your fingertips. Your current perception of your own capabilities. If the phone book is useless it may reflect feelings that you… Read More »

Textbooks Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Textbooks Interpretaion

Textbooks To dream of textbooks represents all known knowledge or experience about a subject or issue. Everything you already know about an issue or problem that can be applied to a current life situation. Learned methods, ideas, or approaches to dealing with problems. It may also symbolizes access to good advice, past experience that can… Read More »