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The letter S in a dream represents confusion or not doing what you’re supposed to do.

S is the 19th number of the alphabet and in numerology the number 19 represents confrontation with the end of a situation.

Salad Dressing Dreams Meaning

Salad Dressing Salad Dressing، To dream about salad dressing represents your need to add some pizzazz to your life. “Spicing things up.” Making a bland change more interesting. Consider the type and color of the salad dressing for additional significance. Alternatively, salad dressing may reflect your attempt to feel better about a positive change you… Read More »

Salamander Dreams Meaning

Salamander Salamander، To dream of a salamander represents you or someone else that wishes to avoid being noticed. You may might have a problem or personal issue you are trying very hard to keep a secret. Example: A man dreamed of scary salamanders. In waking life he was dealing with a very embarrassing health problem… Read More »

Sale Dreams Meaning

Sale Sale، To dream of a sale or that a certain object is on sale represents opportunities or experiences that are easier than they were previously. A barrier or obstacle has been reduced. A situation where less is being asked of you to achieve the same goal or objective. To dream that you put something… Read More »

Salesperson Dreams Meaning

Salesperson Salesperson، To dream of a sales person represents an aspect of your personality that is trying to convince you or sell you on an idea. You may be struggling to accept or compromise on a situation and trying to weigh the pros and cons of it. You could also just be trying to convince… Read More »

Saliva Dreams Meaning

Saliva Saliva، To dream of your mouth watering with saliva represents your eagerness, desire, or obsessed focus with wanting to experience something. Read More : Summer Dreams Meaning Sumo Wrestler Dreams Meaning Sun Dreams Meaning Sunburn Dreams Meaning Sunday Dreams Meaning Sunflowers Dreams Meaning Sunrise Dreams Meaning Sunroof Dreams Meaning Sunscreen Dreams Meaning Sunset Dreams… Read More »

Salmon Dreams Meaning

Salmon Salmon، To see a salmon in your dream, represents determination, adamance, and strength of character. Doing whatever it takes to achieve success. Read More : Summer Dreams Meaning Sumo Wrestler Dreams Meaning Sun Dreams Meaning Sunburn Dreams Meaning Sunday Dreams Meaning Sunflowers Dreams Meaning Sunrise Dreams Meaning Sunroof Dreams Meaning Sunscreen Dreams Meaning Sunset… Read More »

Salon Dreams Meaning

Salon Salon، To dream of being at the salon represents a wish to impress others. You might be concerned about leaving a good impression on someone else. You may also be considering making changes to habits, lifestyle, or to your appearance and want others to notice it. A sign that you are self-conscious about how… Read More »

Salsa Sauce Dreams Meaning

Salsa Sauce Salsa Sauce، To dream of salsa sauce represents feelings about experiences or choices being enjoyably easier, laid back discussions, or having a good time thinking nothing is serious. Feeling good not having to explain yourself. A situation where everything feels happy. Enjoying choosing things you like without any hard work to carry out… Read More »

Salt Dreams Meaning

Salt Salt، To dream of salt represents being objective or trying to be more realistic. The amount of salt being used may reflect the degree of objectivity. To dream of having too much salt may reflect feelings about a lack of moderation or objectivity when you feel it’s important because something in your life is… Read More »

Saluting Dreams Meaning

Saluting Saluting، To dream of saluting represents feelings of yielding to or respecting authority. Respectfully showing someone that are important. Reverence. Negatively, dreaming about saluting may reflect feelings of being forced to respect someone arrogant. Accepting a subordinate role, your status, or where you stand in life. Resignation to abusers of power. Feeling embarrassed that… Read More »

Samurai Soldier Dreams Meaning

Samurai Soldier Samurai Soldier، To dream of a samurai soldier represents a defensive attitude that scares others into compliance with higher levels of honesty, integrity, or safety. Demanding perfect loyalty, honor, duty, and discipline from others with serious consequences if they don’t. Scaring other people with your demands that perfectly respecting you is mandatory. An… Read More »

San Francisco Streetcar Dreams Meaning

San Francisco Streetcar San Francisco Streetcar، To dream of a San Francisco streetcar (cable car) represents a journey or experience in life that is both pleasant and unstoppable. A pleasurable recurring experience. Often a symbol for successful people waiting for their paychecks. Example: A man dreamed of seeing a San Francisco Streetcar on fire. In… Read More »