Russia Dreams Meaning

By | February 27, 2017

Russia Dreams MeaningRussia

Russia، To dream of being in Russia represents a mindset immersed in social situations where people around you care about winning before all else.

Negatively, Russia may reflect feelings of being actively sabotaged or repressed. You may feel that others don’t want you being free to do as you please and are aware of themselves making sure you don’t. Feeling totally controlled by others or that nobody wants you ever having power. Russia could also reflect how you are always trying to keep someone else down. Russia may also reflect jealous competition that you and others are trying to keep each other weaker. Feeling that other people want to stop you from looking good with power.

Alternatively, Russia may reflect a self-defeating attitude about an important issue.

Russia may be a sign that someone wants to you restrain yourself. A person or situation that is so terrible they never want you to have your own power or freedom.

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2 thoughts on “Russia Dreams Meaning

  1. Nick Farrell

    What if your unconscious is not contaminated by US propaganda and sees Russians as something other than an “enemy.” Frankly, the “win at all costs” thing could equally apply to me dreaming about a US businessman. In effect this meaning is useless to me. In my dream I was on a tour in a pretty Russian village. The people were friendly and the tour guide made us lunch which looked rough but turned out to be quite nice. Nothing in my life fits the above meaning… but rather tells me a lot about yours

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  2. Laura Lynne Watson

    What does Russian language represent? I had a strange dream a young man was trying to hit on me & he was speaking Russian. I dont understand Russian so I became enraged & told him “what?!” in an angry manner & he became confused & kinda backed off. He repeated the end of what he had said to me & I was about to yell at him & some random guy came up to me & told me he was saying ‘he loved me’ which kinda pissed me off cause I knew I never met the guy before, therefore there was no basis for his “love”

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