reptilian aliens Dreams Meaning

By | March 18, 2017

reptilian aliens Dreams MeaningReptilian Aliens

reptilian aliens ،To dream of reptilian aliens، represents an all-powerful sense of danger. Powerful fears that control you. A dangerous situation that you can’t do anything about, or that you have to live with. Alternatively, reptilian aliens may symbolize a person or situation that wants to fail you and keep you that way.

A reptilian alien is a sign that you are fearing situations that feel unstoppable.

Fans of David Icke may find it interesting to know that David Icke’s theory of all the powerfullest people in the world being reptilians is most likely due to symbolic hallucinations that are reflecting the all-power sense of danger they see in the Illuminati. Anyone that David Icke has interviewed that’s seen a Reptilian Alien has more likely experienced a hallucination that uses dream symbolism.


2 thoughts on “reptilian aliens Dreams Meaning

  1. Liam

    I had a dream of a reptilian in a cathlic robe and hat. Behind it was a copper gold wall with egypt hieroglyphs. It was really calm and i was not scared. I never am. We just looked at eachother for the whole dream…. its face was blured out but i knew what it was.

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    1. Aevvianda henderson

      I had a dream of a reptilian women about 3 years ago she was so beautiful but evil looking at the same time she had a face of a model but skin and scale of repitiain her scales shined bright her her colour was red pink and blues eyes were so big she was just looking at me with anger look her body was covered in water she had dead men and fish around her what the mean of this dream

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