Pigeons dreams meaning

Pigeons To dream of pigeons represents blind affection. A strong desire to care for something or someone that doesn’t care about you. Example: A young man once dreamed of being attacked by pigeons. In real life he was having very strong feelings for a girl that didn’t return his affection.  

Piggyback dreams meaning

Piggyback To dream of getting a piggyback ride may reflect feelings about you or others getting “carried” being supported in an exceptional manner. Feeling good being helped or having your life made easier. Negatively, a piggyback ride may reflect feelings of jealousy that someone isn’t perfectly supporting you or “carrying you” through a situation. Neediness… Read More »

Pigs dreams meaning

Pigs To dream of a pig represents selfish thoughts and overindulgence. Being greedy, selfish, and insensitive to others. You are preoccupied with your own pleasure and gain. Arrogance. Sexism or excessive sexual pleasure. A disgusting lack of self-control. Alternatively, consider the saying “selfish bitch” or “selfish pig” in social situations you are dealing with. Example:… Read More »

Pigtails dreams meaning

Pigtails To dream of pigtails represents you or some aspect of yourself that is completely subordinate or does whatever it’s told. Negatively, pigtails may be symbolic of never standing up for yourself or allowing others to tell you what to do. Positively  can symbolize some aspect of your personality that is totally under your control,… Read More »

Pile dreams meaning

 Pile To dream of  of something represents an excess in some area of your life. Negatively,  may reflect an overwhelming burden. Feeling that it is impossible or difficult to deal with responsibilities or stresses. Work is becoming too much to handle at once. Positively,  of something may reflect a windfall, excess amount of power, or… Read More »

Pill bug / Potatoe Bug / Sow bug dreams meaning

Pill bug / Potatoe Bug / Sow bug To dream of a pillbug represents shyness or introversion. Your feelings about a problem in your life that makes it difficult to be yourself around others. Example: A young man dreamed of a crying pillbug crawling on his arm. In real life he was very shy with… Read More »

Pillows dreams meaning

Pillows To dream of pillows represents feelings of comfort that nothing is wrong with what you are choosing to avoid doing. What you tell yourself to feel comfortable not changing your mind. A wish to be comfortable being passive about a choice. Feeling comfortable and safe with your choices. Awareness of yourself not being desperate.… Read More »

Pills dreams meaning

Pills To dream of  pills or tablets represents issues that need to be accepted or ideas that need to be “swallowed.” A person or situation may be forcing you accept a new rules, new facts, or challenging current beliefs. To dream of blue  represent truth that needs to be accepted. A person or situation may… Read More »

Pilot dreams meaning

Pilot To dream of a pilot represents an aspect of yourself that is heading or directing a project or plan. You or someone else that is responsible for starting something new and keeping it going. Negatively, a pilot may reflect someone else that is on control of a new experience that you have no say… Read More »

Pimp dreams meaning

Pimp To dream of a pimp represents a comfortable attitude towards exploiting advantages or resources. Feeling good or benefiting from using someone or something to win no matter what. Knowing how valuable something is and taking full advantage of it. Not caring about what anyone else thinks if it means winning. Negatively, a pimp may… Read More »

Pimples dreams meaning

Pimples To dream of pimples represents issues with low self-esteem and self-image. You may be self-conscious about something or hoping that a problem you have isn’t noticed. You may feel awkward or out of place in a situation or relationship. Insecurity that something is wrong with you. Feeling stupid that your appearances are not as… Read More »

Pin (Decorative) dreams meaning

Pin (Decorative) To dream of a decorative pin represents something about yourself that you feel is important to be noticed by others. It may also reflect something about yourself that you are choosing to be noticed by others because it benefits you or makes others feel good about you. Negatively, a decorative pin may reflect… Read More »