Pneumonia dreams meaning

Pneumonia To dream of pneumonia represents a situation in your life where you don’t feel good feeling the potential to experience a big loss if you aren’t perfectly careful. A risky or dangerous “timeout.” A threat of total failure if you don’t take time off or recuperate. Pneumonia in a dream may be a sign… Read More »

Pockets dreams meaning

Pockets To dream of a pocket represents feelings about how easy it is to experience or use something whenever you need it because it’s always available. Feelings about something being perfectly easy or easily available for use. The ability to do something whenever you want because it’s easy. To dream of having something in your… Read More »

Podium dreams meaning

Podium To dream of a podium represents speaking or thinking about issues that are important to you. You may wish to communicate or be clear about something. You also wish to convince others, or make a point. To be nervous at a podium represents difficulty is communicating about issues that are important to you.  

Poet dreams meaning

Poet To dream of a poet represents an aspect of your personality that are inspiring and idealistic. A poet in a dream is a part of you that wants to find a better way, or dreams of changes in their life they would like to see.  

Poetry dreams meaning

Poetry To dream of poetry represents inspiration and idealism. Your beliefs or wishes for a better way. A beautiful idea. Wanting someone else to feel good about what you are saying. Example: A man dreamed of hearing a poem that said “If you travel, you will unravel.” In waking life he was beginning to see… Read More »

Pogo Stick dreams meaning

Pogo Stick To dream of a pogo stick represents feelings of challenging yourself to keep doing something difficult in your life for as long as you can. Trying to stay resilient for as long as possible. Negatively, a pogo stick may reflect a belief that a challenge in your life that’s continually increasing in difficulty… Read More »

Pointing dreams meaning

Pointing To dream of  someone or something represents a wish to draw attention to a situation or certain behavior. You or someone else that is making a suggestions. Pointing in a dream may be a sign that you need to pay more attention to a situation or your own actions. Alternatively,  a dream may reflect… Read More »

Poison dreams meaning

Poison To dream of poison represents situations, patterns, or people that contaminate our sense of self. Emotional toxicity from interacting with people or situations that are incompatible with you. Any type of exposure to energy that is antithetical to your own, or violates your principles. Feelings about your life or relationships being intentionally contaminated by… Read More »

Poison Control dreams meaning

Poison Control To dream of calling poison control represents a desire to do whatever you can to get rid of something in your life that is causing you distress. You want to urgently correct a bad decision you made.

Poison Ivy dreams meaning

Poison Ivy To dream of poison ivy represents feelings about situations being so dangerous that you don’t risk getting close to them at all. To dream of getting poison ivy on your skin represents embarrassment or surprise that something normal you did in waking life has ended up having such unbearably frustrating consequences. Feeling stupid… Read More »

Poison Oak dreams meaning

Poison Oak To dream of poison oak may represent feelings about yourself or someone else being embarrassed by something that you don’t understand at all. To dream of getting poison oak on your skin represents lingering feelings of embarrassment or annoyance about yourself being stupid for not thinking clearly. Feeling stupid about getting involved in… Read More »

Poker dreams meaning

Poker To dream of playing poker represents situations where you or other people are strategically lying or bluffing to each other to get ahead. Not knowing what power or advantages your opposition has while carefully keeping your power or advantages a secret as well until it’s serves you. Feelings of not being afraid to make… Read More »