Pedophile dreams meaning

Pedophile To dream of a pedophile represents you or someone else that feels good taking advantage of others naivety or inexperience. Getting pleasure and empowering yourself with others inexperience or inability to fight back. Feeling good knowing that there are no consequences to exploiting an unfair advantage. Feeling good knowing that someone else can never… Read More »

Peeling dreams meaning

Peeling To dream of peeling represents awareness of something in your waking life slowly shedding or discarding of appearances. Difficult shedding old ways, habits, or conditions. Removing exterior pretenses. Unpleasant feelings about a manner of feeling changing. Unpleasant feelings about needing make efforts to separate something annoying or vain. Feelings about a difficult or messy… Read More »

Pegasus dreams meaning

Pegasus To dream of a pegasus represents achievement and total actualization of your ambitions. Successful going after and getting all that you want. There is no limit to your ambitions. Negatively, a pegasus may be a sign that you are too concerned with doing whatever you please. It may also be a sign that you… Read More »

Pelicans dreams meaning

Pelicans To dream of a pelican represents you or someone else that doesn’t listen to what others are saying. Putting your own ideas or opinions first no matter what. Ignoring what others have to say as though they weren’t important at all. Talking over others or feeling that they are not worth paying attention to.… Read More »

Pendulum dreams meaning

Pendulum To dream of a pendulum represents feelings about the inevitable back and forth nature of a situation you are experiencing. A predictable change of power or advantage. A metaphor for there being two scales to every situation or conflict. Positively,  represent confidence or certainty that a negative situation doesn’t have to stay the way… Read More »

Pencil Crayons dreams meaning

Pencil Crayons To dream of pencil crayons represents emotional investment. Issues you feel responsible for, that are special to you, or a situation in which you have a desired outcome. It may also symbolizes issues in which you feel obligated, or that you need to know that you did your best. Pencil crayons could be… Read More »

Pencils dreams meaning

Pencils To dream of a pencil represents situations that are temporary, or beliefs that can be changed if needed. It may also reflect issues that you are open to negotiating with. Temporary ideas or feelings about being open to changing your plans. Situations or ideas with a lack of permanence. Intentionally not making an idea,… Read More »

Pendants dreams meaning

Pendants To dream of seeing or wearing  represents a personal or unconditional commitment. The reason you are so committed to something. Feeling good being noticed by others as being committed to a person or situation. Negatively, dreaming about a pendant may be a sign that you a taking a commitment or promise too personally. Drawing… Read More »

Penguins dreams meaning

Penguins To dream of a penguin represents an aspect of yourself that is noticeably harmless or powerless. You or someone else that is perceived to be non-threatening. You or someone else may want others to notice how positive, honest, or harmless they are. Behavior that notices itself being perfectly behaved. Negatively, penguins may reflect feelings… Read More »

Penis dreams meaning

Penis To dream of a penis represents power, virility, and competence. You or some aspect of your personality feels capable or powerful. To dream of a small represents emotional impotence or powerlessness. You feel totally ineffective in some area of your life. Feeling weaker or less important than other people. To dream of a large… Read More »

Penitentiary dreams meaning

Penitentiary To dream of a penitentiary may represent. long term confinement or restrictions. You may also feel that your whole life is about being limited or not allowed to do what you want. Alternatively, a penitentiary may reflect confinement or restrictions that feels terrible or totally controlling.  

Penny Loafers dreams meaning

Penny Loafers To dream of penny loafers represents an approach to a situation being focused on responsibly not losing. Maintaining what you have. Staying on top of things or keep sharp because it’s important. Example: A woman dreamed of seeing someone wearing penny loafers. In waking life she was in the processing doing a background… Read More »