Lobotomy dreams meaning

Lobotomy To dream of a lobotomy represents a powerful change in behavior or attitude that is noticeably never the same as it was before. Negatively, a lobotomy may reflect a trauma, severe damage to confidence, or a major reduction is independent spirit. Seeing yourself or someone else permanently suppressed. Positively, a lobotomy may reflect a… Read More »

Lobsters dreams meaning

Lobsters To dream of a lobster represents a difficulty in freeing yourself from a problem. Feeling you that someone will never stop talking about problem if you even bring it up once. Difficulty getting other people to stop reminding you of your negativity if you allow them to have any control or power at all.… Read More »

Loch Ness Monster dreams meaning

Loch Ness Monster To dream of the Loch Ness Monster represents insensitivity or terribleness that you can never prove. A problem that is unbearable. A negative situation that taunts you that you can’t ever do anything about it. Alternatively, the Lock Ness Monster may reflect a constant feeling of disappointment about something you can’t prove… Read More »

Lock dreams meaning

Lock To dream of being locked out represents your inability to do what you want or to feel what you want. You may feel cut off or kept away from something. You may also feel unable to see something. An obstacle, boundary, or impossible requirement. A lock could also reflect someone else’s sense of ownership.… Read More »

Lockers dreams meaning

  Lockers To dream of your own personal locker represents issues, information, or access to something in your life that you don’t want to share or make available to others. You may have a secret, or something that is very personal that you want to keep private. To dream that you can’t get your own… Read More »

Locksmith dreams meaning

Locksmith To dream of a locksmith represents an aspect of yourself that is adept at defying rules or boundaries. The ability to get around obstacles or agreements if needed. A locksmith may also reflect you or someone else that can easily talk or convince others into surrendering their emotional barriers. Social skills or resourcefulness to… Read More »

Locusts dreams meaning

Locusts To dream of locusts represents devastation or the belief that you may lose everything that you’ve worked for.  

Log dreams meaning

Log To dream of a log represents a big change or transformation. You are headed in new direction in your life. Positively, long standing problem is being dealt with completely. Negatively, something you always relied on is completely gone.  

Log Ride dreams meaning

Log Ride To dream of a log ride represents a negative or uncertain situation that you are enjoying yourself with while knowing that you don’t have to care about any consequences. An unpredictable obstacle that you choose to subject yourself to just to see what happens. Example: A young man dreamed of being on a… Read More »

Loincloth dreams meaning

Loincloth To dream of a lion cloth represents the personality that is focused on never giving in. Sacrificing nothing at all to people or situations that are trying to fail you. It may reflect your fearlessness or stubborn resistance to a difficult problem. Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a boy in a loincloth. In… Read More »