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The letter P in a dream represents doing everything you can to make a sacrifice or stay positive.

The symbolism is based on the letter having nothing to support it standing up.

P is the 16th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 16 represents confrontation with negativity.

Prison Camp dreams meaning

Prison Camp To dream of a prison camp represents feelings of confinement and restriction that feels purposely unbearable. Punishment that looks for new ways to make sure you don’t enjoy yourself. Feeling that restrictions are being adjusted to keep you unhappy. Feeling that restrictions being placed on you are for someone else’s benefit. Accommodating the… Read More »

Prison Guards dreams meaning

Prison Guards To dream of a prison guard represents you or someone else that is concerned that a restriction holds. Feeling that repaying debts or suffering punishment is mandatory. Feeling that nobody will help you escape the consequences of your actions. It may also reflect a person or situation that is making sure you face… Read More »

Professional Athlete dreams meaning

Professional Athlete To dream of a professional athlete represents an aspect of yourself that is an expert at winning or being competitive. You or someone else in your life that is experienced at being the best or being the most attractive. Feeling no jealousy at all when it comes to winning. Negatively, you may be… Read More »

Professors dreams meaning

Professors To dream of a professor represents feelings about yourself or someone else being exceptionally intelligent and helpful. Feelings about being stupid or that you are wasting your life if you don’t listen to someone. Feelings about knowing more about a subject than anyone else. Negatively, a professor in a dream may reflect an arrogant… Read More »

Prom dreams meaning

Prom To dream of a prom represents feeling good being finished developing yourself in some way. Showing off or celebrating your accomplishments. Enjoying something you’ve pushed yourself hard to earn. Feeling impressed with yourself. A beautiful ending to a challenging time. Alternatively, a prom may reflect acknowledgment of a milestone that has been reached. High… Read More »