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Gates Of Hell dreams meaning

Gates Of Hell To dream of the gates of hell symbolizes impending suffering and unpleasantness. You may be flirting with trouble, or feel that a unpleasant situation is close a hand. Negatively, you may feel that you intentionally choosing to experience an unbearably unpleasant situation in order to confront a problem. A choice that is… Read More »

Clarinet dreams meaning

Clarinet To dream of a clarinet represents sensitive feelings about being noticed never doing anything wrong at all. Wanting others to feel good noticing you not doing anything wrong. Feeling expected to behave nice, always be “wonderful”, or project a perfectly responsible personality. Wanting others to feel good noticing you are not risking anything. Projecting… Read More »

Combination Lock dreams meaning

Combination Lock To dream of a combination lock represents emotional, or situational requirements in order to notice something. It also may reflect what you require of others in order to reveal something to them. If the combination lock is yours then you may need to feel a certain way, or see something happen in order… Read More »

Compost dreams meaning

Compost To dream of composting represents the channeling or transformation of outdated ideas or past experiences into a learning experience. Not wanting to let a bad experience or failure go to waste. To dream of using composted soil represents a new beginning in your life based on the learning experiences of your failures or past.… Read More »

Bites dreams meaning

Bites To see a bite in a dream represents a negative influence or problem that may have gotten to you. Something corrupting your happiness or good intentions. A person, problem, or bad habit has “gotten to you.” The severity of the bite reflects how effective or devastating this influence or problem was. To dream of… Read More »

Bowl dreams meaning

Bowl To dream of a bowl filled with something represents preoccupation with an experience, feelings, or ideas that you want to have a lot of. Noticeably not feeling jealous at all because you have a lot of something. Not being able to think of anything except what is you are doing or dealing with. Indulging… Read More »

boxing dreams meaning

Boxing To dream of boxing represents a struggle to prove yourself. Wanting to prove you are stronger than someone that thinks they are stronger than you. Attempting to prove to someone else that you are a bigger winner than they are. Proving you are strong or proving you are good enough. Waking life situations were… Read More »

boxing Ring dreams meaning

Boxing Ring boxing ring ،To dream of a boxing ring represents a specific issue that where there is a need to prove oneself. A final confrontation. boxing ring dream ,dreams meaning

Abundance dreams meaning

To dream of having an abundance of a certain item represents an area of your life that is very active or powerful. You are thinking about something a lot or noticing that something in your life is very resourceful. Negatively, you feel overwhelmed by negative emotions or negative situations. You might be thinking about something… Read More »

Stove Dreams Meaning

Stove Stove dream represents your focus on progress, momentum, or getting something done. Slow, careful, or long term preparations. Preparing something important or special in your life. Cooking on a stove represents projects, plans, or ideas that are underway. Getting ready for a certain type of experience. Something you are expecting something to happen soon.… Read More »