Millipedes dreams meaning

By | March 5, 2018

Millipedes dreams meaning


To dream of millipedes represents feelings of being annoyed by a person or situation that is bigger or more powerful than you are comfortable with. Annoyance with people that you can’t be easily dismissed or ignored. Having to put up with people or situations that ignorantly dismiss or overlook you.

Annoyance that something is never going to work the way you want while you feel that you don’t even matter. Annoyed feelings about a relationship partner not respecting to your face as though it doesn’t matter. Feeling annoyed by something that easily scares you that you never matter at all.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing . In waking life he was annoyed by his wife never feeling good loving or respecting him anymore scaring him that he didn’t even matter.



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  1. Glory

    I always see millipedes in my dream, and in real life millipedes are what I hate most seeing, I can’t go near them at all. I don’t have that courage to even kill them, insted I can stay at a distance and pour kerosene or insecticide on them, and beg someone to remove them. I WONDER WHY I KEPT SEEING THEM IN MY DREAMS. WHAT NTERPRETATION WILL I GIVE TO THE DREAM, PLEASE.

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