Ignored dreams meaning

By | July 6, 2017

Ignored dreams meaning


To dream of being ignored represents feelings of being overlooked or unimportant. Feeling left out or that someone is not paying enough attention to you or your ideas. Feeling irrelevant. Regretting a change or decision you made that isn’t working in your favor. Feelings about friends, family, or partners neglecting your feelings. Feelings about social situations where you’re being excluded. Feeling less attractive than someone else. Jealousy of other people getting more attention than you do. Awareness of people showing their true traits of not really liking you or being your friend. Feelings of not being “listened to” or acknowledged. Not being cared about as much as you feel you should be.

Negatively, being ignored in a dream may reflect feelings about relationship or friendship differences that are not being addressed. Differing interests that are obvious, but being “skirted” around. Ignoring your own health problems. Feeling that you aren’t valued in a situation.

To dream that you are ignoring someone or something may represent people, ideas, or situations that you don’t like. Not wanting to accept something. Choosing to avoid something. Feeling that something or someone is not worth paying attention to.

Negatively, ignoring something may reflect stubbornness or carelessness. Overlooking something important that deserves more attention. Intentionally or arrogantly ignoring authority figures.

Alternatively, ignoring something may reflect an area of your life that you are not paying enough attention to. An idea, hunch, or situation that you keep putting off.

To dream of ignoring a police officer may reflect feelings about ignoring an authority figure or ignoring a need to follow strict discipline. People who are drug addicts or uncomfortable listening to a doctor’s advice may dream of ignoring a police officer in a dream.

Example: A woman dreamed of being ignored. In waking life her sister has disappeared and she felt that nobody wanted to help her.

Example 2: A woman dreamed of her husband ignoring her. In waking life she was frustrated that her husband was not supporting her or helping her.

Example 3: A young woman dreamed of being ignored by her boyfriend after a car crash. In waking life she felt that her boyfriend was totally uncaring and unsupportive of her after experiencing a setback in her life.



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  1. Mintyyyi

    So, I had this I might say weird dream of being ignored. Firstly I find myself near the beach with a big crowd of people sorrounding me. Most of them I figured out were my classmates but they looked older and taller . Same for me too and my friend ,Sarah . Some of them were barechested (males I mean) and some were wearing gym clothes or sportive sthng like that. They were pretty built up in my opinion because they we’re training and excercising but me. I was really confused at first and only stared at my friend moving. For some reason they were all gathered in a hotel’s parking lot I followed them too as we lined up , I was so shocked I saw one of my idols there and I was lined up next to him with my friend . He looked really concerned and scared so I went up to him to cheer him and tell him that everything’s fine but he stared blankily full of hatred back at me. I was shocked to see him like that but I still was determine . Then he acted as if I wasn’t there at all. My friend knew him and went up to him too to cheer him and pat his shoulder while he looked down and said nothing then like that walked away with her. I was really hurt at how they treated me like that and the rest of the time they ignored me . I wasn’t feeling anyrhing else except hurt , I didn’t even want to imagine being jealous of my best friend no it would’ve been so egoistic from me . What did that mean??

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