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The letter H in a dream is symbolic of cooperation, balance and team work. The symbol is based on the letter looking like two sides supporting each other in parallel.

Halloween Costume dreams meaning

Halloween Costume To dream of a Halloween costume represents a false negative persona. You may be trying to appear angrier or more dangerous than you really are. It may also reflect a deceptive attempt to scare other people. Alternatively, a halloween costume may represent you or someone else that feels good pretending to have a… Read More »

Hallway dreams meaning

Hallway To dream of a hallway represents a transition, change in the way you think, or change in the circumstances of your life as you progress to the next stage. Waiting for something else to happen after having completed a phase. Experience a process of change or improvement. Negatively, dreaming of being in a hallway… Read More »

Ham dreams meaning

  Ham To dream of ham represents your thoughts and feelings about things that you don’t think are important, or don’t take too seriously. You may think something is ridiculous or pointless. To dream of sandwich represents your frustrations about things you have to do during a situation you may feel is ridiculous, or pointless.… Read More »

Hamburger dreams meaning

Hamburger To dream of a hamburger represents feelings about an indulgence in power that doesn’t need to be sophisticated. Simple power that doesn’t need to be intelligent. Enjoying something that lacks some intellectual, emotional, physical, or even spiritual component that makes you feel whole. An experience where you are aware of yourself enjoying not needing… Read More »

Hammock dreams meaning

Hammock To dream of a hammock represents a leisurely or carefree attitude with a situation. You may be totally satisfied that everything is in order. It may reflect feelings that all hard work or difficulties are over. You don’t feel the need to do anything else. Positively, a hammock may reflect a well deserved break… Read More »

Hand Gun dreams meaning

Hand Gun To dream of a hand gun represents a decisions or control that’s self-protective. Not being interested in losing or changing something. Being protective of your choices or decisions. To dream of having a hand gun held on you by a criminal or evil person represents a negative aspect of yourself that doesn’t want… Read More »

Handbags dreams meaning

Handbags To dream of a handbag represents your wish to feel good or look good always being prepared. Feeling good always being ready. It may also reflect sensitivity about always looking professional or savvy. Projecting the image to others that you are always succeeding, rich, beautiful, or never losing. Negatively, a handbag may reflect sensitivity… Read More »

Handicap dreams meaning

Handicap To dream of having a handicap represents a weakness, hindrance, or obstacle. It may also reflect a bad habit that negatively influences you. A handicap could also represent neediness or something you are emotionally dependent on. in a dream is a sign that you are being confronted with a challenge and need to maximize… Read More »