Family Gathering dreams meaning

By | May 9, 2017

Family Gathering dreams meaning

Family Gathering

To dream of a family gathering represents an important decision that you may be considering. Weighing all options. It may also reflect how you are confronting a decision that you’ve already made.

Alternatively, a family gathering may reflect the various or conflicting aspects of your character as you deal with a situation or problem. All of your different opinions, feelings, or possibilities in front of you at once.



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  1. Sabrina

    My dream was a surprise party in my backyard with familiar people past and otgers, my aunt that passed away, relatives. Food like chicken, pepper steak, burgers, chopped bbq, plates, coleslaw, big travel van of people were there and happy. Before I noticed the noticed the party, I just chased out some neighborhood girls with sticks out my back yard that we’re being chased by boys. My older male stayed the night before and children father; the father left for work but my male cousin was still inside the house with my children. I had help preparing a plate with chicken for my children and I. My ain’t hugged and smiled at me. I talked with a older female cousin briefly. I came out the front door, to the back was shocked.

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