Crystal Meth dreams meaning

By | March 26, 2017

Crystal Meth dreams meaning

Crystal Meth

To dream of crystal meth may represents addiction to feelings of never having to listen to anyone else at all. Enjoying thinking you are too important to listen to advice. Feeling good believing that other people are too stupid or weak to be respected at all. Enjoying feeling never needing to care about other people ever again. Feeling “high” thinking you are smarter or more attractive than everyone else.

To dream be addicted to crystal meth in a dream may be a sign that you have embarrassed yourself never listening to others or choosing to do something dangerous on your own. Having a problem telling yourself that you were wrong about not needing friends or family involved in your life in some way. Screwing up your life enjoying not listening to advice or thinking you were too good to listen to it. Destroying yourself doing something all by yourself. Feeling terrified that you would ever have to share something important to you at all. Embarrassment that you have no friends left because you were too concerned with thinking you were better than them.



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  1. bryan maughan

    I have been dreaming about meth for 2 months now since starting Chantix. I used the drug to help me with energy, i had to move my parent (s) and then my own family completely alone. Its been almost a year since using it. I do jot crave it or want it at all. Some dreams i use it and other dreams I’m on it and worried about going to sleep and people knowing I’m high. I hate these dreams. Its almost every night. Meth is evil and proof is in the origin of the drug, the NAZI party made it and every soldier during the blitzkrieg was on it. Evil. Stay away from it.

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