Crucifixion dreams meaning

By | March 26, 2017

Crucifixion dreams meaning


To dream of a crucifixion represents total sacrifice of yourself for others benefit. It could also represent intentionally hurting or causing suffering to someone else by completely withholding all love, respect, or attention. Hurtfully ignoring or blaming someone else in order to punish them. Hurtfully ostracizing others. Punishing others with no love or sympathy..

Negatively, a crucifixion may represent undeserving punishment, self punishment, or being the target or scapegoat of someone else. You may be experiencing a situation where repercussions or consequences are inescapable.

Positively, a crucifixion may represent sacrificing yourself for others, or maintaining principles or values at all costs. Withstanding great pain for others.

Example: A man dreamed of seeing his grandmother asking him why “Why are you crucifying my son?” In waking life the man had completely ostracized his father because he believed all the bad things other family members had said about him without question. He was beginning to question those beliefs.



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  1. Maria Rush

    In my dream I had walk into a place I can’t really remember, but there was a long line of people and I remember asking someone something then I got on line, as I was waiting! In front of the crowd there was a beautiful cross, I also remembered that one of the people from the crowd say that there picking the Chosen One, I got scare as my body was beginning to be picked up through the air than I was put on the cross my hand’s was put side by side, and my feets was put together to neil me on the cross, when out of the clu I woke up scare still! Can you please help me with my dream?

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