Buttocks-Bum dreams meaning

By | March 11, 2017

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To dream of a buttock or bum represents how interesting something is to you.
To dream of a beautiful and sexually attractive butt represents something you desire to have or wish to experience that’s presenting itself to you in your life. A nice butt may also reflect how sexually attractive someone is to you.

Negatively, dreaming a beautiful or sexually attractive butt may be a warning against desiring something that may embarrass you. Allowing yourself to be tempted into something dangerous.

To dream of someone having an ugly butt represents a lack of interest. An undesirable situation or person.

To have an ugly or misshapen butt reflects your insecurity or belief that you are not interesting to someone else.

To see a butt fall off represents a loss of interest. You or someone else may have lost the ability to interest someone else in something you were thinking.

To dream of wiping your butt with toilet paper may reflect your attempt to respectfully rid yourself of a problem. A wish to clear yourself of responsibility to deal with a problem any further. Carefully making sure that a problem is not your problem anymore. Intelligently protecting yourself from being blamed for something.

To dream of wiping your butt with toilet paper in front of other people may reflect an embarrassment you have experienced with having to clear yourself of responsibility for a problem in front in others. Ridding yourself of unwanted relationships or problems in public view. Yelling at incompetent people in public. Feeling embarrassed at having to look unprofessional about dealing with your problems.


One thought on “Buttocks-Bum dreams meaning

  1. Daniel Crisp

    I’ve had this pretty weird but intense dream which involves being in some kind of theme park that i either own or part-own, and it mainly revolves entirely around the first romantic love of my life who is a year younger than me and when we were both underage we took each others virginitys when we were 14 and 13, we broke up as i was too immature and she wanted me to be more mature and to be more respectful which I crudely wasn’t at the time – of course later i regretted being a immature tit.

    This woman, lets call her Nellie, she went onto become a lingerie model and I professionally edited some of her work for her to further her career as what man with years of experience with imagine manipulation software would turn down the chance to see some sexy snaps of someone they’re romantically interested in and get bragging rights as a result? – we drifted apart and years later out of the blue when I was shopping one day she was working the cash register/till that I went touse/ pay for without knowing it was her till she called out my name and we caught up very quickly, I found out she has a child but is still living at home and is a single mother, she mentioned how great it was to see me and she noticed how much I’ve changed both physically and mentally which put a smile on my chops.

    Back to the dream, i’ve had it twice maybe three times and while there are other people in the dream Nellie is the person of interest which i concentrate on, and the dream involves her bum and i guess my desire to be with her romantically and a large focus of the dream involves an attraction where she’s all glammed up and i’m eating her ass like as if it was a cake and she and I are royalty while in some weird sex centered theme park with many people around watching and cheering while we have sexual intercourse.

    I’ve noticed that I’ve had mini disturbances during the dream and I feel extremely irritated and frustrated, both physically and sexually – I’ve not had a romantic or sexual partner for ten years now as my ex whom I thought was my soul mate and wife-to-be tragically passed away at the age of 18 (I was 17) because of medical complications in hospital which lead to multiple organ failure.

    Upon waking and apart from feeling extremely sexually frustrated and hyped I felt this terrible sensation of pure bloody rage, I wanted to scream at the top of my voice and destroy something – It was very difficult for me to try and calm my self down and just brush it off as another sexy dream which has triggered multiple emotions within me.

    What meanings could be interpreted from such a dream? And why would i wake and feel so angry and hatefully violent?

    Many thanks and much respect.

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