boy dreams meaning

By | March 16, 2017

boy dreams meaning


boy ،To dream of a boy represents a masculine aspect of yourself that is developing or inexperienced. Assertiveness, anger, dominance, or insensitivity. A part of your personality or a situation that hasn’t reached its full potential yet.

For a young girl to dream of a boy that she’s attracted to may represent a desire for something to happen in your life. A goal or experience you want to happen.

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  1. Marina

    My ex husband had dream of me being pregnant with his child he was on his way to the hospital he said he was excited and happy we where having a baby girl but in the dream we weren’t together and it would’ve been our second child. In real life we have two kids girl and a boy . And am also pregnant with my 3rd baby with my new relationship .when my ex husband me his dream he didn’t know anything about my pregnancy. What could it mean .?? 😐

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