Blood Transfusion dreams meaning

By | March 18, 2017

Blood Transfusion dreams meaning

Blood Transfusion

To dream of a blood transfusion represents feelings about attempting to reinvigorate the energy in a situation, relationship, or your own efforts into a problem. A need for renewal of energy. A need to renew vitality in some manner.

Negatively, a blood transfusion may reflect honest feelings about yourself not feeling as passionate about a situation or relationship as you want to. Feeling that you need a miracle to make a relationship work.

Example: A woman dreamed of needing . In waking life he was planning to get married to a man she wasn’t fully in love with. She was trying to force herself to fall more deeply in love with the man for the sake of her kids.



One thought on “Blood Transfusion dreams meaning

  1. Lynn

    This makes a lot of sense. Blood is the symbol of life and to need blood is to need life, or to need revitalization.
    I dreamed I was using the blood transfusion at work, which is a senior nursing home/rehab. It’s been hard there and I’ve been in much need of rekindling my passion. I’m facing a burn out with this particular job.

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