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The letter B in a dream represents feelings about yourself or some area of your life not being easy. Never having things given to you. Having to earn everything you have. No special treatment.

Negatively, the letter B may represent jealousy of other people who always have easier lives or more special treatment than you. Not liking not getting all the attention that you may feel you deserve more. Feeling uglier or second place.

Baby Shower dreams meaning

Baby Shower To dream of a baby shower represents feelings about being totally supported with all you need with a new beginning or new responsibility. Alternatively, it may reflect awareness of someone else’s new life being perfectly cared about. Noticing yourself “being there” for someone. It may also reflect anxiety about being noticed as helpful… Read More »

Babybel Cheese dreams meaning

Babybel Cheese To dream of Babybel cheese represents feelings about enjoying success or profiting that is perfectly unavoidable. Winning situations that are tailored to you. Feeling good being a winner while taking your time. Winning and succes that feels “all wrapped up” for your enjoyment. To dream of running away from a giant Babybel cheese… Read More »

Babysitter dreams meaning

Babysitter To dream of a babysitter represents your feelings about looking after someone else’s problem. You may feel bored with your life or held back due to someone else’s problems. Making sure someone dumber or more arrogant than you doesn’t make matters worse. Keeping a close eye on someone you feel is risky. Negatively, a… Read More »

Bachelor Party dreams meaning

Bachelor Party To dream of a bachelor or bachelorette party represents a last minute indulgence before a permanent situation or commitment occurs. Enjoying a last moment of freedom before having to get serious. Doing something you always wanted to do before losing the opportunity for good. Negatively, a bachelor party may reflect irresponsible risks before… Read More »

Back dreams meaning

Back To dream of a back represents a burdens, stress, or pressures you feel. You possibly have secrets you don’t want to divulge to others, painful memories, or responsibilities that have to be paid. Example: A young woman dreamed of having to carry her mother on her back. In waking life she was living in… Read More »

Back Lane dreams meaning

Back Lane To dream of being in a back lane behind houses represents behavior or situations that you don’t perceive any danger with. Feeling that there is nothing to stop you from doing something. Noticing nothing interfering with your goals or plans. Negatively,  may be a sign that you are too comfortable getting away with… Read More »

Backdoor dreams meaning

Backdoor To dream of going out a backdoor represents confronting problems that you don’t want to think about. You may be facing a negative situation that is unpleasant to notice. To dream of coming in the back door represents a conclusion to a problem or negative situation. You have finally decided to do something about… Read More »

Backpack dreams meaning

Backpack To dream of a backpack represents self-sufficiency. An area of your life where you are doing something on your own. It may also reflect problems that you have to deal with all by yourself. Doing your own thing. may also represent hopes, desires, and secrets that you don’t wish to tell anyone about. Example:… Read More »

Backstroke dreams meaning

Backstroke To dream of doing the backstroke represents a comfortable attitude to navigating an uncertain or negative situation. Not really feeling that a problem you are facing is actually a problem. It may also reflect a sense that an uncertain situation is too easy to get through. Enjoying taking your time getting through a difficulty.… Read More »

Backwards dreams meaning

Backwards To dream of walking, running, or driving backwards represents awareness of yourself doing something differently that everyone else. A direction in life that may seem odd or to be the opposite of others. Dreaming of going backwards may also reflect a loss of progress or a reversal of decisions. To dream of facing or… Read More »

Backyard dreams meaning

Backyard To dream of a backyard represents issues or situations that you don’t like thinking about. Something you don’t like noticing or seeing in yourself. Things you don’t want to confront, don’t want to deal with, or make you upset when you have to think about them. Backyards in dreams may also reflect issues you… Read More »