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The letter A in a dream represents superiority, dominance, and leadership. Doing every single thing to be powerful.

Absorbed dreams meaning

To dream of something being absorbed represents ideas or feelings that are being integrated into your own. Absorption may reflect adaptation to other people or your surroundings. A merger or blending of separate aspects of yourself. A stronger aspect of yourself taking over a less developed aspect. To dream of being absorbed may represent giving… Read More »

Abuse dreams meaning

To dream you are abusing someone represents your hostility to a person or situation. It may also reflect a lack of appreciation or respect for other people or some area of your life. Abuse may point to self-defeating thinking patterns such as regret, guilt, or feeling depressed. To dream of being abused represents issues that… Read More »

Abyss dreams meaning

To dream of an abyss represents a situation that feels endless or pointless. You may feel that a potential consequence will last forever or never allow you to do what you want again. You may be experiencing a crisis or critical situation. Alternatively, dreaming about an abyss may reflect feelings about the emptiness or eternal… Read More »

Acacia Tree dreams meaning

To dream of an acacia tree represents you or someone else that is noticing nothing wrong during an unbearable situation. Negatively, an acacia tree may be a sign that you or someone else is going to extreme lengths to ignore a problem or other people’s feelings. Refusing to give in even though a situation is… Read More »

Accent dreams meaning

To dream of speaking with an accent represents the manner in which thoughts or feelings are being conveyed. The ethnicity of the accent symbolizes how you perceive yourself. To dream of someone else speaking with an accent represents how an aspect of your personality that is conveying itself to you. Negatively, it may reflect self-deception.… Read More »