Science Dreams Meaning

Science Science، To dream of studying science represents thoughts or situations in your life that are experimental. New ideas, new habits, or new methods of dealing with problems. You are learning from these new experiences, or methods. Example: A young man dreamed of seeing science equipment in a giant lab and then noticed a scary… Read More »

Sex Dreams Meaning

Sex Sex، To dream about sex represents positive or pleasurable experience that you are having in waking life. Whomever you have sex with represents a quality your noticing in yourself or a situation that you are enjoying. For example, if you have sex with a celebrity it may symbolize a quality you see in that… Read More »

Unisex Dreams Meaning | Dreaming of Unisex Interpretaion

Unisex To dream of things that are unisex represents some area of your life that is predominantly focused on compatibility, fitting in, or ease of use. Function before all appearances. Some area of your life that is “general” or widely accepted. More of a concern about how something is used than how it feels. Negatively,… Read More »